Zaozhuang city 30 thousand acres of Chinese pomegranate pomegranate jelly fade failure Sichuan pomeg popkart

Zaozhuang city 30 thousand acres of Chinese pomegranate pomegranate jelly fade failure Sichuan pomegranate pomegranate orchard invasion of pomegranate trees a large area of dead, only individual trees can see several pomegranate. · Qilu Evening News reporter Qin Zheng; Qilu one point taken in Yicheng District of Zaozhuang known as the "China pomegranate city", is one of the largest planting area China pomegranate production base, excellent quality, most varieties, the highest yield the best. Mid Autumn Festival to the National Day every year, is the peak season of pomegranate sales. But recently the Qilu Evening News reporter found, Yicheng million mu in Liu Yuan a lot more foreign license truck selling pomegranate. Why is the Sichuan label affixed to the packaging? Yicheng pomegranate local where? Keep the acres sold from the field of pomegranate pomegranate, the morning of September 20th, Qilu Evening News reporter saw in Yicheng Liu Yuan mu, on both sides of the road there are many businesses in the sale of pomegranate, sales very unpopular, there is no lack of people driving a large number of procurement, even queue up to buy the phenomenon. However, the Qilu Evening News reporter at the scene of the sale has found a strange situation, these parked on the roadside selling trucks pull pomegranate, hanging is a foreign license, the pomegranate pomegranate garden is also need to use foreign car license for transportation? With questions, Qilu Evening News reporter and merchants to carry out exchanges. Originally, in the current market sale is mostly from Sichuan transported to Liangshan Huili County Yicheng Liu Yuan acres of pomegranate, and some even directly hung Mu estate trademark sale Liu Yuan, almost no one in the local selling pomegranate, even if there is poor quality. According to the businessmen said that this year is not how to produce Yicheng pomegranate, currently has more than 100 million acres of pomegranate selling near Liu Yuan shops, almost all are hanging sign acres or sell the pomegranate pomegranate Yicheng Liu yuan. Even if the sale is not a local pomegranate, but also does not affect sales, a few days before the Mid Autumn Festival, selling a good business even appeared in short supply situation. The reason why the name of selling to Mu Liu Yuan, mainly because the Yicheng pomegranate brand ring, especially foreign tourists, is heard Yicheng pomegranate feel good pomegranate. Normal year, pomegranate pomegranate tree branches covered with a large area of dead, old Liu Yuan retired Mu Liu Yuan not producing pomegranate, what happened? Subsequently, the Qilu Evening News reporter Liu Yuan Mu deep planting area, trying to get answers from pomegranate growers. In the vicinity of a park near the pavilion, the Qilu Evening News reporter found a large pomegranate planting sun, and in his leadership into the pomegranate plantations. The scene to be startled at: large tracts of pomegranate tree has withered, only a small amount of the tree is still alive, but these old trees survive no results. The pomegranate tree withered, not natural result. Mr. Sun told the Qilu Evening News reporter: "a blizzard last winter, let the park a pomegranate tree in large area especially seedlings, cold, almost spared. Preliminary estimates, pomegranate production reached about ninety-five percent." Mr. Sun, a total of ten people, disabled by genetic influence, there are seven people in one family life in addition to rely on government guaranteeing, sell the pomegranate is the main source of income).相关的主题文章: