Yunnan Tengchong old city reconstruction caused the people dug jade official don’t believe overnight

Yunnan Tengchong old city reconstruction caused the people dug jade official: don’t believe overnight – Beijing new network in Kunming in September 27, (Hu Yuanhang Chen Jing) has hundreds of years history of jade processing trade in Tengchong city in Yunnan Province recently due to the transformation of the old city, staged a "Crazy Stone" drama. Tengchong municipal government information office 27, responded in an interview with reporters, said, do not believe overnight. Tengchong is located in the southwest of Yunnan Province, China is an important gateway to South Asia, Southeast Asia and nodes. This "edge of the first city", the history of processing jade has been operating for more than 600 years. In the history of the processing trade of jade for hundreds of years, some non – processed waste materials were buried in the ground. That time, the transformation of the old city of Tengchong, always attract some people to Taobao, which also formed a feature of the transformation of the old city of Tengchong. 26, Tengchong City, the transformation of the Guanghua Road, once again caused some local citizens to enter the construction site of jade mining phenomenon, and attracted a lot of people watching. At the moment, the people of Tengchong dig jade brush brush circle of friends, and even rumors that someone dug 390 thousand yuan worth of jade old material. Tengchong people have a complex of jade. Before the ice, violets are not valuable, but are handmade large losses, many scrap all away. Therefore, the transformation of the old city, we all think that a foot will be dug jade." Tengchong citizens Zhang Rusong in an interview with reporters, such as the interpretation of the jade digging hot. He said that the evening of 26 on the site dug a piece of old material, is expected to value more than ten thousand yuan. But Zhang Rusong also admitted, "at the site of the excavation of the existence of security risks, but last night the police to maintain order at the scene." In this regard, the Tengchong Municipal Government Information Office responded that: this part of the people to carry digging tools into the construction site without the implementation of mining behavior, in violation of the construction site safety management regulations, easy to produce security risks. Tengchong municipal government information office: to remind the general public and tourists, don’t believe the rumor "overnight", so as to avoid unsafe events. Tengchong police also note: at present, part of the construction of large machinery has admission, high-pressure pipeline, pipe and dug the pit there is a big security risk, easily lead to accidents; and the site also has one malicious speculation, jade fish sales phenomenon, please rational view, pay attention to their own safety, do not blindly follow the trend. (end)相关的主题文章: