Xiaolong 830+8gb memory one plus 4 booking next year – Sohu digital machine king widcomm

Xiaolong 830+8GB memory one plus 4 booking next year machine king – Sohu [news] a digital mobile phone Chinese plus mobile phone 3T is expected to be released recently, the main improvement is to replace Xiaolong 821 processor, now users have exposed a plus mobile phone next flagship information, it is a mobile phone 4, will use Qualcomm snapdragon 830 the processor, and has 8GB of memory, it seems a good book has been next year plus 4 machine king position. According to the revelations, a mobile phone plus 4 release time will be in the next summer, this time point and a mobile phone with 3 identical, is June and July, according to a year plus a flagship strategy, one plus mobile phone 4 is coming. Is currently recognized, one plus mobile phone 4 will use Qualcomm snapdragon 830 processor, 10nm manufacturing process based on Kryo framework includes four core, four core, the highest frequency is 2.6GHz. There are rumors earlier one and will also launch a hyperboloid screen mobile phone with 4 edge, the hardware configuration and the same one and 4, is equipped with Samsung hyperboloid screen, but according to one plus one year of a flagship strategy to launch next year a plus 4 edge possibility is not great. A plus 4 although attractive, but there are still more than half a year from the release of the time, and now we have to focus on a plus will be released on a plus 3T above it.相关的主题文章: