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"Wu move back" today Yang Yang Shi Xiaolong Wu Chun attended boot – Sohu entertainment "Wu move back" the starting ceremony of Sohu entertainment news today, large fantasy drama "Wu move back" ushered in the boot conference, play all the creative full scene, Yang Yang, Wu Chun, Shi Xiaolong etc.. Today, although under a light rain, but the atmosphere is still warm, not affected by rain. It is understood that the "Wu" tells the story of the family, the children move unexpectedly edge secret jewel match in bear hatred, self transcending process, encounter love and friendship, eventually break through the framework of small Guqiu hate, become a hero fighting for the common people. The whole book is not set in fantasy novels ", Xian Xian Knowledge is infinite. a" simple and crude, Lin in regional division on the journey from experience, from the town to the national assembly, from 100 toward to the super Xian Zong, from chaos to demon magic sea domain, not heavy like odd in case of full of imagination. The play, Yang Yang, Shi Xiaolong and I were playing Suo Lin (Yang Yang) a small inflammation (Shi Xiaolong) and small mink (Suo Xiaokun) three yijiejinlan brothers. In the novel the three brothers personality and special skills, although the origin is different, but the same sense of mission for them to get together, along the way, good and evil, justice and brotherhood Kennedy immovable. Than the "Ming family of three brothers" Blood Brotherhood is coming, then cast to fans memorable classic CP audience.   相关的主题文章: