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Holidays No matter how many holiday seasons pass, each one seems to start earlier, than the last. September which has always meant the beginning of autumn, the football season, and cool days, now means the first appearance of Santa Claus, in many stores and commercials. The season that leads to Christmas and Santa Claus’s visit is full of parties and events that keep most families busy, until January. Many of the holiday activities we indulge in, every year, are centered around food. Every culture and ethnic group seems to have its own rich epicurean heritage, which is spotlighted in this season of joy and cheer. Not only is it difficult to avoid eating wonderful, calorie-filled food during the holidays, it’s probably impossible. It’s really true that the average person puts on at least a few pounds during the holiday season. And the earlier we begin celebrating the holidays, each year, the more pounds we’re likely to add, before the New Year. And it’s not just an adult problem, either. Children today are just as vulnerable to the holiday weight gain as their parents. The days leading to Christmas are probably not the time that most people can actually begin a strict new exercise regimen. Still, there are a few ways that families can try and minimize the damage to their waistlines, while still enjoying all the wonderful food of the holiday season. Saturday and Sunday mornings are times when families can take advantage of time together and go for walks, together. A long walk at a fairly good pace can cause a body to burn calories more efficiently, and for a longer time, throughout the day. Whenever possible, family members should avoid elevators and climb stairs. There are few ways to get an overall cardio workout that are better than stair-climbing. Though children love escalators, parents should set an example, especially during the holidays, and use the stairs. Few people realize the weight-loss advantages of sleep. Though the holiday season is such a busy time, it’s important to maintain proper sleep habits to keep the body’s efficiency operating at peak levels. Everywhere we go, during the holidays, we’re faced with delicious foods, full of sugars and fats. Gaining a little weight may be the unavoidable price of Christmastime, but with a little thought and planning, and a little effort, we can limit the damage, so that our New Year isn’t quite as sweat-covered, as we finally get back to the gym. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: