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Why does running in autumn have a sore throat? The coup is to teach you how to prevent the weather from getting cooler, but many people do not relax the pace of running. Running can make the body warm and healthy, and it can really kill two birds with one stone. But many people find that when you don’t have a cold, you run sore when you run and run, and sometimes you have a runny nose. Why? How do you break it? The reason of running sore throat these are the following: the body of water in the process of running, the heart rate gradually accelerated, more and more oxygen to breathe oxygen into the nose, and can not meet the needs of the body, mouth breathing has become our instinctive action. However, mouth breathing, will allow air to take away a lot of moisture from the throat, throat and saliva to keep up with the speed of consumption, which leads to the occurrence of dry throat itching symptoms. Too long do not exercise, some people do not exercise habits, when long-term no exercise, when the body organ has not adapted to the movement state, will cause poor breathing, breathing is not smooth, throat irritation, naturally lead to pain. Exercise intensity is too large, if running, the speed suddenly accelerated, heart and lung function did not fully into the high load work state, heart rate increased, shortness of breath, it will lead to respiratory problems. In addition, the intensity of exercise is too large to cause a lot of sweating, so that the body water loss, throat thirst, it is not difficult to understand. Cold air is stimulated into late autumn, and when you run in the morning and evening, you may encounter temperatures below zero. In the respiratory process, a large number of cold air into the nose and mouth, and the oral cavity and the nasal cavity itself has no heating effect, so the cold air will directly stimulate the trachea, throat. The upper airway mucosa is dry, secretions increase, more severe inflammation, leading to throat pain, itching, cough and other symptoms. How does running sore throat break? Before doing warm-up exercise, what kind of exercise should be done before warming up, can activate the whole body muscles, stretch joints, improve heart rate, the body as soon as possible into the movement. Timely replenishment, running with the best side with a small bottle of water, from time to time small mouth for the body to add moisture. In addition, it is better to make good water before running. If you feel a sore throat during the running, you should slow down at the first time, and consciously inhale and exhale, focus your breath on your breath, listen to your breath, and run through the whole process. Don’t aim for speed. If you just start running, you’d better jog. The pace of jogging is easy to control, and the demand for strength is not too high. When you don’t care about running fast, you can run faster.

为什么秋天跑步会喉咙痛 妙招教你防治   天气转凉,但很多人并没有放松跑步锻炼的步伐,跑步能让身体变得暖和又能强身健体,的确是能够一举两得。但也有不少人发现,明明没有感冒,跑步的时候跑着跑着就觉得喉咙痛,有时甚至会流鼻涕。这是为什么,又要怎么破?   跑步喉咙痛的原因有以下这些:   体内缺水   在跑步的过程中,由于心率逐渐加快,需要的氧气越来越多,鼻子呼吸的进氧量并不能满足身体的需求,张嘴呼吸成了我们的本能动作。   然而用嘴呼吸,会让空气从喉咙处带走大量水分,而喉咙分泌的唾液跟不上消耗的速度,这就导致了喉咙干燥从而发生痛痒的症状。   太久没做运动   有些人并没有锻炼的习惯,当长期没有做运动时,当身体器官还没能适应运动状态时,会造成呼吸不畅,呼吸不畅通,喉咙受到了刺激,自然会引发疼痛。   运动强度太大   如果跑步时,时速突然加快,心肺功能并没有完全进入到高负荷的工作状态,心率增快,呼吸急促,就会导致呼吸道出现问题。另外运动强度太大会导致大量出汗,让身体水分大量流失,喉咙感到干渴疼痛就不难理解了。   冷空气刺激   进入深秋,当早晚进行跑步时,可能会遇到气温低于零度的情况。在呼吸过程中大量的冷空气进入鼻腔和口腔,且口腔和鼻腔本身没有加温作用,所以冷空气会直接刺激到气管、喉咙。上呼吸道黏膜干燥、分泌物增多,更严重者发炎,从而引发喉咙疼痛、发痒、咳嗽等症状。   跑步喉咙痛怎么破?   做好热身运动   做什么运动之前都要先做热身,可以激活全身肌肉,舒展关节,提高心率,将身体尽快地带入运动状态。   及时补水   跑步时最好身边带一小瓶水,时不时小口为身体补充水分。另外跑步前也最好先补好水。   掌握呼吸节奏   如果跑步的过程中觉得喉咙痛,第一时间应该放慢速度,并自己有意识地去吸气去呼气,将跑步中的关注点放在呼吸上,听着自己的呼吸跑完全程。   不要片面追求速度   如果刚开始跑,最好选择慢跑。慢跑的节奏容易掌控,而且对力量的要求并没有太高。等什么时候你已经不再关注自己跑得快不快的时候,自然就能够跑得快了。相关的主题文章: