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When people look at the music as millet tearing force, the micro whale doing? Sohu, science and technology Texun November 12th news: speaking of what great event happened in November 2016 the black community of science and technology, the simmering millet and music as this tear force to war. The two sides of the business began to move toward a comprehensive confrontation, approximate marketing routine, the same category product line, an intelligent mobile phone from fortune, want a slice of the smart TV; another is to do the smart TV veteran, now want to try to resolve in the field of intelligent mobile phone. Eat melon masses will not easily think of, this "refuses to debate, see the school playground" tear forced wars, the protagonist turned out to be the two company’s boss, directly on the Internet with propaganda mode screenshot Bo eye, should not rely on the product to speak? Don’t argue to see the playground, such a little bit of this time, in contrast, such as micro whales and other Internet companies are doing? In October 20th, a micro conference held in Beijing, when the millet and music still when the mobile phone or TV chatter without stop, at the press conference, released a micro whale named "whale micro cube K1" smart projector, declare the ecosystem layout formally completed "+VR+ smart TV projector" three carriages ", from the old block screen, in one fell swoop into the" new three screen". And a shot that is generous, the first one second autofocus technology, breaking the traditional intelligent projection industry technical threshold, completely solve the problem of carry trade barriers at imaging, we may not know what it means, you can make an example, when Apple first mobile phone key + touch screen operation, then the micro projection of the whale a second AF meaning. No wonder a bunch of stars are respected, even Penny Tai put it down. At the same time, the speed of the machine can also focus on the completion of keystone correction, no need to wait for a clear picture. All this should be attributed to an intimate design, with a 5 million pixel camera lens in the left side, is the realization of "secret speed 1 zoom". Geek love, all because of the user experience as the first powerful than micro cube K1 is also equipped with a whale very unique parallelogram shaped fuselage, 212*112.9*54mm specification, weight of only 1Kg, very convenient to carry, take it out, just like with a 40-120 inch giant screen with mobile private theater, built in the about 200000 film and television resources, real-time updates of large, simply look at. The operation is also very convenient, through the three physical buttons at the top of the body can control the projection, mute and sound function, a volume can be touched at the front end of the sliding chute to adjust the volume. In addition to lace speculation watch, product experience is king Trump by a big mouth, when the president of the United States, the era of universal entertainment, and ultimately create controversy and topic, but President after waiting for Trump is a bunch of things, Americans will keep your eyes open. Millet and music as controversy continues, consumers will open their eyes to see, do not use the product carefully. Micro whale inventive, as a representative of a new generation of young brand moves constantly: China new title song, frequently photographed Tmall double]相关的主题文章: