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Real-Estate When you visit the office of a real estate builder to see the sample flat to know how your dream home will look like before you decide to make an investment. The office of the real estate builders often have the models made of their project, .pleted as well as up.ing, on a proportionately reduced scale so that actual look and feel of the housing society can be known. In a three dimensional model, you can easily make out the height, lengths and breadths as well as determine the different locations of the facilities provided in the society. But, the biggest limitation of the model is that these can not be taken home by each of the prospective customer. Even the interior plan of the rooms can not be shown properly on this miniscule scale. So, while the models have their own relevance, other maps are also required which are generally provided as the brochure maps. What are these most .mon maps which are provided in the brochure and what all things can be known using these? Take the brochure of any society such as Srs royal hills and we find that these maps are related to floor unit plan, site plan and location setting of the society. Each of these provides useful information which can be used to arrive at a decision on which flat to buy. Let us first understand the site plan. The site plan, as the name suggests, refers to the spatial arrangement of different blocks of residences and other amenities provided by the society. By looking at the site plan, you can .e to know what are the various types of flats, how many blocks are there in total, how many flats are there in a floor of a block, how many floors are there in a type of block and how are the different elements of society situated in relation to one another. The benefit of this map is that this helps you ascertain which flat you would buy based on its location and direction. The second is the unit floor plan. This map shows you the arrangement of different elements of your flat and gives you the information about their sizes. Using this map, you can make out whether the exact location of the balconies, kitchen, dining, living, lobby, bedrooms, toilets and other elements. This also tell you about the super area of the flat. The third map is of the location of the housing society. This would inform you about the relative location of various identifiable landmarks of the close geographies such as the transportation roads, nearby regions or cities and other such elements which provide easy reference points that help in approaching the society such as the Srs royal hills faridabad. You would even find that the distances are mentioned on these maps for better understanding of the distances and routes leading to the project. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: