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.puters-and-Technology Data projectors are also known as digital projectors and they are electronic devices that collect video data from a media player or a .puter and project in.ing images onto a projection screen. While these are widely used in different sectors, their popularity is more pronounced in auditoriums, slide presentations and classrooms. Data projectors usually have a VGA socket that is connected to the .puter screen. Depending on the projector bought, it displays different types of resolution and in addition to this, most of the units available are known to support video input for cable box, DVD and VCR. Ideally, there are some data projectors known to support digital and analog interfaces and these are also used for home theater projection purposes. In the early 1980’s data projectors were known to be big and heavy but things have changed drastically since then and it is now possible to find lighter and smaller models. In the past, these were roughly over 40 pounds and they used single cathode ray tubes also known as CRT for the purpose of projecting monochrome images. Later, color units were produced and these were even heavier for the simple reason they had 3 CRTs. Since then however, these data projectors have paved the way for much smaller and more convenient technology. The best thing about this advancement is the fact that the picture quality is still of the highest standard possible. It was not until the 1990s however that data projectors were designed as transparent LCD panels. While these were lighter than the CRTs, they needed overhead projectors for the purpose of illumination and at the turn of the 20th century, they shrunk further to only weigh a couple of pounds. Data projectors are .monly used in business and educational settings. In the educational settings, they can be used for the purpose of showing images, educational videos and lessons to students while in a business setting, data projectors are used for the purpose of making presentations to groups easier. Basically, there are many data projector manufactures in the market today and it is this aspect that makes it easier for shoppers to get the best deals. But the consumer should always be careful and purchase quality products from well-known manufacturers. There is no savings if the projector needs to be replaced within a few months. Projectors are subjected to wear and tear because of the heat produced so it is important to get a product that is well manufactured. The price range for data projectors is somewhere between $ 200 to $ 1000 depending on the brand bought and the manufacturer. Anyone shopping for data projectors can do so with ease from any of the well known land based retailers or alternatively from online electronic stores which have a reputation for stocking electronic goods. The term data projectors can also be used in some instances to refer to 3D interactive, audio visual full motion files on personal .puters. Data projectors have changed the manner in which information is conveyed and the technological improvements made to deliver more advanced projector models is proof that data projectors are a great investment whether in the business or educational sector. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: