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Business Cybercrime is a growing problem with every passing year. Federal agencies are taking hard measures to decrease cybercrime ratings in the country, but ignorance and unawareness of users are adding to the problem. People often .plain that their email accounts, credit card details, personal information and data have been misused or leaked. It has been also reported by users that they received infected files or malware which corrupted their devices when they opened an attachment from an email. All such issues have spread various rumors and myths that contribute to the fear and insecurity of millions of users across the net, especially when accessing email. To fight these problems, there are .panies that have offered various encryption programs, software, services and applications in the market. Such solutions shield your data on the internet. Now, whether it is your desktop or smartphone, both devices can facilitate safe and secure transactions over the internet. Specially designed and programmed wed based email security solutions have helped users to share and send emails to many without being vulnerable to the leakage or misuse of their information by unauthorized access. By using email security solutions, users have got a .plete shield to protect their attachments, messages and information over the internet at pocket friendly prices. To use email security solutions, users do not have to download, configure or install anything on their devices. Users just have to visit the website, and can start accessing their emails without bothering about security issues. The website provides a platform through which the sending, receiving and viewing of attachments is easy, fast and secure. The email security solutions offer web based email encryption, secure file store and document sharing platforms to all users on the net. Users just have to subscribe to the website to securely access their email. They do not have to create a new email address for the access. The web based platform supports all types of email accounts such as POP, IMAP, Exchange, GroupWise, etc. In the world of internet, email is the most unsecured and easily intercepted medium by hackers. Therefore, email security solutions provided are essential to stopping thieves, .petitors, hackers and snoops from intercepting and stealing confidential information from unsecured emails. Sending email from official or public domains is always insecure. Whether someone is using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook, anyone using self developed software or applications can intercept messages and threaten your dignity, respect and wealth. Therefore, make yourself aware about the use of email security solutions rather than be.ing a cybercrime victim. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: