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UnCategorized Ultrasonic Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery for patients with unwanted fat deposits. There are certain risks and benefits associated with this procedure, so we will attempt to touch on how the procedure works. Newport Beach Ultrasonic Liposuction works up front as a cosmetic surgery and is not covered by insurance. The cost of this procedure can be 30 to 40 thousand dollars out of pocket. Once a qualified surgeon is found and a contract is signed the procedure can be done. The physician will inject tumesent fluid into the area to be treated. Tumescent fluid is a salt-water, anesthetic and epinephrine solution that swells up the fat tissue prior to suction. It is used to prevent and reduce fluid loss during the fat deposit removal. The ultra sound will loosen up and liquify the fat deposits to also allow for easy removal. A tube called a cannula is passed over the fat cells with the ultra sound and then fat is vacuumed up through the tube. There are risk to having Newport Beach ultrasionic Liposuction performed, that is why a certified physician should be used. Some of the issues to consider are possible nerve damage, blood clots, seroma cavity and other after effects. The heat associated with the ultrasound may produce a blood clot while the cannula, once removed, can produce seroma cavaties that fill up with body fluids under the skin. Other after effects can be scaring, blistering and skin burns. With all this in mind the benefits can out weigh the expense and risk for some people. People who have dense fat deposits and require volumes of fat to be removed will benefit the most from ultrasonic liposuction. The fat that is removed is permanent because the body does not create any new fat cells once removed. If there are fewer fat cells inside the body to expand then people will not store as much fat in those areas. Another benefit of this surgery is that it tightens the skin so there is little sagging for a patient to be concerned about. Finally, less fat over the body has a general health effect by itself. With all things considered it is important to make a careful decision with your physician as to how this procedure could be done. It is important to thoroughly understand how it works, how it would work for you, the benefits it will give you and how you can avoid the risk associated with this procedure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: