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Beauty There are different ways of fighting hair loss. One of the most .mon forms used today is ingested medication, though to date most ingested medicines for fighting hair loss and promoting hair regrowth are most effective only in the early to mid stages of hair loss. There are also many different causes of hair loss, and not all of them are ones which can be treated with pills. Most of the other forms of hair loss treatments are more expensive than buying "hair regrowth pills", but these are more effective in treating the more extreme cases. One of the simplest and oldest forms of dealing with hair loss is scalp surgery and hair transplants. This has progressed far beyond what it used to offer in past decades. Before, hair transplant was chancy at best, and quite a few people who went for this option found their hair falling back out again from the same old bald spots after a year or so post surgery. These days, full follicle transfers instead of simply grafting hair onto the bald spots makes for a more expensive but better long term option for hair regrowth. By transplanting entire living hairs down to the root level, modern hair transplant surgery literally restores life to a bald spot. Aside from full hair transplants, artificial hair fiber transplants will also work for people who want to get rid of their bald spots for purely cosmetic purposes. The grafted hair fibers are tailor made to look exactly like the patient’s natural hair color. However, because these hair strands are synthetic they are much tougher than regular hair. As a result however, they won’t feel like normal hair to the touch, feeling more like a permanent wig. This doesn’t really deal with a hair loss problem but a lot of people opt for this as opposed to natural hair transplants because the artificial hair fibers last longer than natural hair. Direct scalp treatment medication is another good option to look into. This gets expensive because the most effective ones require frequent trips to a clinic to have the medication massaged into one’s scalp. However, because some hair loss problems are actually caused by improper hair care and/or exposure to environmental factors which kill off hair follicles, this treatment method is effective for fighting most hair loss problems short of inherited baldness. Direct scalp treatment medication usually keeps a person’s scalp and hair clean and healthy, allowing for natural regeneration of hair over bald spots. For stress-related hair loss problems, one of the best ideas is to go to a health spa resort. Some of these offer not only body but scalp massages as part of their service, as well as herbal treatments for personal body detoxification and skin/scalp cleansing. If stress build up is what’s causing your hairline to recede, going to one of these spas will help deal with your stress, and in most cases this is actually enough to allow your hair to grow back naturally over time. Lastly, one rather unique form of hair regrowth treatment has to do with simple diet modification. This doesn’t require much expense, actually, though it isn’t always effective. Quite simply, some dieticians have studied which foods best promote hair growth, just like for example eating foods rich in calcium will cause stronger bone buildup. By prescribing certain foods for stronger and healthier hair, this method will at least allow you to keep your remaining hair healthy and strong, slowing or even stopping hair loss. This treatment method rarely leads to regrowth of hair over already-bald spots, however. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: