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.puters-and-Technology Fixing .puters on your own can be pretty difficult if you are a non technical user. But you cannot afford to always depend on your friends or .puter support experts to repair your PC, every time you encounter a problem in the same. Therefore, if you have a .puter at home and use it regularly, you must be aware of at least some of the .mon .puter problems, as well as their solutions. Miscellaneous .puter Problems & their Solutions In this section we discuss some miscellaneous .puter problems and few troubleshooting tips Slow Machine As you probably know that slow functioning of a .puter is only a symptom of some deep rooted technical problems. The factors which are generally responsible for a slow machine are scattered files, presence of virus, too many programs running together, and hard disk saturation. In such a scenario you may try running the CC-Cleaner software to get rid of the junk files. And also, try installing a good anti virus software and perform a full system scan to filter the viruses. Automatic Turn off Many .puter users .e across this peculiar problem that their .puters get automatically shut down. This can happen if you have been using your .puter for a long time at a stretch and it has got overheated. There is obviously no reason to worry in such a scenario. You should just shut down your machine and let it cool down, before you start using it again. Strange noises from CPU In most cases this kind of an issue can arise due to hardware problems. Find out whether your CPU fan has got broken. In that case you have got no other option but to replace it. However, if your fan is not broken then a layer of dust particles must have settled on it which is procuring this strange noise. In that case open the cabinet and clean the whole CPU properly and do it on regular basis. For advanced troubleshooting, you need to avail the services of .puter support. Remote Its advantages It has been noticed that people are very much reluctant to avail the add on .puter support services, while buying a new .puter. The reason behind this could be that feel that only faulty .puters incur problems in the long run. And in case the .puter which they have bought is faulty one, it will be revealed within the warranty period. And then, they can exchange it with a new one. But the tragic part is that any .puter can incur technical problems, irrespective of whether it is a faulty one or not. And to make things worse, most .puter problems start cropping up after the expiry of the warranty period. Other than the ones mentioned above, there are several other lingering technical issues which .puter users face frequently, viz. virus issues, problems with installing and upgrading operating systems, slow internet connection, problems with sending and receiving emails, data backup, and so on. If you ever .e across these issues, you should avail the services of remote PC Support . The plus point of availing remote .puter support services is that you get one stop instant solutions to all .puter related problems, without having to carry your .puter to service centers. Moreover, the services are available anytime during the day, at very low prices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: