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Arts-and-Entertainment Children of all ages love Mickey Mouse, so why not give your little one a Mickey Mouse birthday party? Invite the entire gang if you’d like and make it a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party with Minnie, Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy too. Mickey Mouse party supplies are easy to find in most online party stores so you can choose from a variety of invitations, decorations, games, crafts, snacks and the birthday cake as well. You probably even have some Mickey Mouse items around the house and in the attic that you can use. Mickey Mouse theme invitations are readily available at online party stores and can even be homemade. If you are creating your own, you can cut Mickey ears from thick black paper and fill in the details with a white gel pen. Add a little Mickey Mouse confetti in the envelope and seal with Mickey and Friends stickers. Mickey Mouse theme decorations can be found in many stores and online as well. Red, black, blue and yellow are good colors to use. You can bring out the colors with solid balloons. A Mickey Mouse Mylar balloon is a nice addition too. Deck the walls with Mickey posters and wall stickers. If you want to really delight the children, purchase a Mickey Mouse standee to set up in the party area. If you located any Mickey Mouse or Clubhouse friend items, place them about to bring out that Meeska-Mooska-Mickey Mouse flair. With a little imagination, you can make game time fun. There are tons of Mickey and Friend game suggestions on birthday party sites for children and you can create your own too. Change up some old favorite birthday party games like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" to fit your Mickey Mouse theme. You can download a Mickey Mouse printable and use it. Cut out the tail and you have a great game. "Hide and Sqeak" is a fun twist on "Hide and Seek". Craft time is a fun time for the children to use their creativity so unleash their skills with fun Mousekateer activities like making Mickey ears from black construction paper or perhaps a Mickey Mouse snow globe. You can find more great ideas online and probably can think of a few on your own. Do take into consideration the age and maturity of the group so you pick projects that are not too .plicated or too easy. Your little Mouseketeers will work up an appetite with all the fun. Serve up some really great snacks like cheese and fruit trays. Online birthday party sites for children often have great theme food ideas. The cake is most children’s favorite part of a birthday party so make sure you cake is great. Mickey Mouse shaped pans are readily available at stores and online and make a sweet treat for the party. Bake and decorate according to the directions that .e with the pan. If you are pressed for time or just prefer the easier way, bake and frost a cake and add Mickey theme toys atop. You can then let the children each have one of the toys. There you have it, some excellent yet easy suggestions for a great mickey Mouse birthday party. Add your own creative ideas and you will have a meeska-mooska-Mickey-Mouse birthday party that is absolutely awesome. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: