This is a bottle lamps are beginning to offer a Wi-Fi signal. htc802w

This is a bottle lamps are beginning to offer Wi-Fi signal now intelligent Home Furnishing has become more and more prosperous, a lot of the original Home Furnishing products are integrated more features, such as the KNBOR ceiling lamps. From the appearance of the ordinary ceiling lamp is nothing like two, but the internal integration of intelligent dimming and wireless network. In other words, after the Internet to see this light. Speaking of the principle of KNBOR ceiling light is not complicated, it is integrated on the motherboard of a high-power signal converter, through the PLC power cat relay mode to expand the coverage of the wireless network in the home. A new generation of PLC technology, only need a plug can be power socket cable access to our home in the network by ordinary signal wires convey to each room, with a number of KNBOR lamps can achieve rapid, stable and seamless wireless network coverage. Although the KNBOR ceiling lamps "work" to provide the WiFi function, but it is still done a ceiling lamp should do. KNBOR ceiling lamp through intelligent technology can adjust the color of the light, or the user can adjust the color of the light. At the same time, KNBOR ceiling lamp can also make the lighting match the appropriate style of music, light can be changed with the rhythm of the music to create a different atmosphere of the room. KNBOR ceiling lamp can also be collected by the color function, the use of mobile phones to collect the desired color, and then through the light to show the color. KNBOR ceiling lamp there are a lot of intimate small features, such as the ability to customize the light alarm clock function, by gradually increasing the brightness of the way to wake us. Can also be adjusted automatically to make the lights automatically match the ambient light brightness, and when we are watching TV or movies, KNBOR ceiling lamp will automatically match the corresponding color according to the color of the screen. All this can be achieved in the mobile phone APP, if you don’t love a mobile phone to control lights, KNBOR ceiling lamps and a switch can be used to remember the brightness of choice, the next time you press the switch, you will remember the brightness, no need to adjust. For us, the light is no longer just for lighting, the performance of different lights can also affect our mood. Now all kinds of lighting systems become more and more intelligent, which also represents the human pursuit of their quality of life are increasingly high, hope that the "work" the lights are The more, the better.相关的主题文章: