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Then, 300 million users, and they ring Zhongguancun Qidi Technology Building 22 floor, a door without any logo in the company, a group of mechanical engineers are working hard. The three interviewers went into a tiny, crude room. The topic in front of them is very interesting: if you are an employee, driving a car, pulling bread across the country, a group of farmers to rob, you do not give them? The top of the topic to write a slogan: Urban routines deep, hurry back to the countryside! I go, this is not a Internet Co interview questions? The answer is even more absurd, it is indeed a fast-growing China Internet Corporation recruitment questions, and the company has more than 300 million users, daily living at about $30 million, valued at more than $one billion. This mysterious and famous company called quickly. You, maybe used it. Hidden in the hinterland of Zhongguancun, the lack of 100 team, only 3 years on leveraging the vast rural, the three or four line of the city, and a second tier city in the hundreds of millions of young people. Located in the Zhongguancun science and technology building quickly enlightenment of its users, many musicians with disabilities, a Fei Qi the tattoo artist, and unemployed youth, gay…… They all Wu Yi high strength, special skills, from the comedy riff to raw spoof too suddenly equal to anything, they show, "regardless of personal danger" from, a short video spread like a virus, maxed social network. In June 2015, quickly breaking the 100 million users, but only after 8 months, users quickly reached 300 million. At present, it has become a familiar with unfamiliar street, Sina, micro-blog and other entry-level products on the same track race. According to sources close to the worker said, quickly this year has completed several hundred million C round of financing level, but a smile and Su Hua Cheng founder has always been low-key but. The two of them have great ambitions, but they are not easily revealed. They worry about the outside world, but do not want to explain too much. Two "good gay friend" rides a unique company running, but hope to moisten things silently. So, how quickly broke out, it also created a kind of Internet arena? Back quickly to the development to the present, with more than 300 million users and toward the giant target running and dramatic. A smile and Su Hua Cheng that didn’t meet, assuming they did not timely transition, GIF may have disappeared quickly. Fast CEO Su Hua is a technical man, and even can be said to be a Indoorsman. Met him on the street, you can hardly see him as the founder of a 300 million user Internet Co. As a science student, Su Hua is very low-key, almost no public speech. The only time is at his alma mater Tsinghua University Software College in June of this year, he Shidishimei to do a share, the topic is "the center of the universe for 15 years — Indoorsman engineer transformation". As can be seen from the theme, Su Hua to their own understanding, as well as eight years of entrepreneurship, from engineers to business leaders, his transformation, pain, and understanding of the product. He said a word, to sum up these years of entrepreneurial or successful experience, "the best thing to do the best". Su Hua’s resume is very bright. Graduated from Tsinghua University, in Google, Baidu engaged in machine science.相关的主题文章: