The Success Story Of Vijay Eswaran

Entrepreneurialism Vijay Eswaran is one of the most influential and inspirational speakers whose thoughts and speeches have inspired many individuals, especially youngsters to make a bold and strong decision in their life. The founder of QI group of companies has today excelled not only as an entrepreneur but also as a social leader amidst different masses in different countries. His views on spirituality and motivating yourself to perform better have certainly proved to capture peoples hearts making him one of the most loved businessmen today. His contribution to the world has been significant and he continues to do so even today. The way his speeches have set a benchmark for the youth is indeed remarkable. A graduate from the London School Of Economics, he indeed started off in the world of business at an early age and is today one of the most prominent entrepreneurs around. Vijay Eswaran has definitely been a formidable person and human being to reckon upon. Vijay Eswaran is one of those entrepreneurs who prefer to take business and social world hand in hand. Today, he is the chairman of the QI group of Companies which was founded in 1998. It is an online e-commerce conglomerate of businesses which correspond to and relate to different sectors such as technology, telecommunications, retail, education, travel & leisure, wellness, luxury products, watches, training and even corporate investment. He has also addressed many different levels of crowds ranging from business to management students in different and versatile universities and has motivated them to take a bright step ahead. His speech has often inspired many budding entrepreneurs to instill faith in them and successfully start a business and make it a profitable one. His words have often been described as a flow of greatness especially during any speech. Vijay Eswaran hasnt been focusing only on business as his whole and soul. He is also a strong follower and believer of achieving spirituality. He believes that the way to achieve complete solace and ease of mind while handling business decisions is to seek spirituality as an activity. Vijay Eswaran feels that being spiritually inclined is one of the key reasons for the enormous success he has achieved. Vijay Eswaran today has a host of successful ventures to his name and Qnet and Amezcua are some of the distinguished brands in that list. The best part about Vijay Eswaran s business approach is that he emphasizes more on every youth and their ability to make better resources for the successful functioning of each of his firms. And as time passes there are more and more people who have expressed their desire to work in an organization led by Eswaran thus making his companies operational in more than 22 countries worldwide. According to critics, his ability to work with different cultured people and maintaining a strong bond between everyone has led to the successful functioning of QI group of companies. His mental analysis of getting a proper foresight of his business and creating effective strategies is the reason why he has made such efficient progress. Vijay Eswaran is indeed a celebrated icon and will always be! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: