The pot with 4 million 300 thousand price 13 carat diamond users no pot jiuyaogan

The pot with 4 million 300 thousand price 13 carat diamond users: no pot of online shopping mall 4 million 300 thousand the price of this diamond pot show for 0 month sales. Recently, a pot brush burst into a circle of friends red". The export from Germany a brand of pot pot body is made of pure gold inlaid diamonds and handle up to 4 million 300 thousand of the network for triggering hot, many people sent back up the pot "feeling. However, in addition to emotion, there are users questioned 4 million 300 thousand astronomical pot is a speculation. The price of the pot by Rolls-Royce, previously thought he could not afford to buy the house, I did not expect even now can not afford to buy a pot." After seeing the sale of this 4 million 300 thousand of the diamond pot, many netizens issued such a feeling. Net sales page shows that the diamond pot diameter of 26 cm, the pot body is stainless steel, handle by the pure gold of 738 grams to build and inlaid with a diamond of 13 carats. According to the information given in the store, the diamond pot belongs to customized products, the production cycle is about 60 days, the world’s limited edition of 5 sets. In addition, the diamond pot of Rolls-Royce will be door-to-door, buyers can also enjoy Michelin chef personally for a dinner celebration for the buyer and the buyer 10 friends. Data show that the diamond cooker manufacturer is a leading German manufacturer of cookware, the business shop information display, this is the most expensive diamond pot shop of a commodity, the pot price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Funny store users to answer tricky questions because the price is too high, the 4 million 300 thousand diamond pot in recent days quickly lead users to discuss and become hot words, in the Baidu search bar, Lenovo vocabulary input "4 million 300 thousand" is the number one "4 million 300 thousand pot". Users also sent to the diamond pot net sales page onlookers and put forward various tricky problems. The shop store is also one of the problems of the reply, funny answers are like "ring powder". For example, some netizens asked: "how can I buy to let others know I have? Can’t go back to the pot." They reply: "pro, or we’ll give you a ribbon bar, so you can let Mandaijie people know oh." And for friends diamond can throw away? When washing pot scratch my two hundred and thirty-one piece five porcelain sink is not good "questions, stores the reply is" can provide a precise location from your nearest garbage?" Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that, although the net sales page shows the diamonds pot sales to zero, but on this pot of questions has reached 39, and stores the reply to questions will gain more than 8000 users praise. This pot is not really a business speculation but a part of the users to store witty reply praise at the same time, some people questioned the store hung so high is a speculation in commodity marketing, and marketing industry practitioners call this is a viral marketing. In this regard, the store said that they are not hype, the brand does have the production of diamond and the diamond pot, pot has been sold on the Internet, not for the marketing of the speculation. BYD reporter staff to the brand counters that the diamond pot is the brand Zhendian treasure, the brand was founded in 1.相关的主题文章: