The phone that gang subsidies cheat 19 poor students even 9 dollars are spared haywire

The phone that gang subsidies cheat 19 poor students even 9 dollars all over the original title: the phone that subsidies to cheat 19 Shanyang college entrance examination students in China Shangluo daily news (reporter Ceng Chun) Fujian, a gang of 4 people, bought a large number of bank cards, that the "Department of education", to release the student subsidies by using the virtual telephone network cheat the poor college entrance examination, the first half of more than and 170 cases of crime, about 1500000 yuan fraud victims across 18 provinces, including 19 famous Yang Ji poor students. November 2nd, with the last suspect was arrested, Shangluo police successfully cracked a series of student subsidy fraud case. The online search information of fake poor students "education sector" call in July this year, Shanyang County Public Security Bureau received 19 days of poor students in the college entrance examination report cheated, scams are exactly the same, crooks use 170, 171 at the beginning of the virtual telephone network of fake Education Department, said to give poor students paid thousands of Yuan student subsidies then the phone, lured students go to the ATM machine before the operation, then the students turn away all the money on the card. Police set up a task force, and quickly find the education sector, so that the county immediately notify the students, do not rely on unfamiliar phone. Police found that the gang can clearly know all the information of 19 students, the reason is because the education sector to publicity their information, for their application for poor student funding. The police investigation, the gang are as follows: first is a fraud routine lied to the Department of education, can tell the exact information of the victim, then said to the student subsidies, and provide another call to the victim, the victim will play in the past, will continue to be "poverty alleviation Department" fooled, then said to ATM operate on the machine to receive subsidies, such as the victim to the ATM machine, and will inform the victim to activate, want to transfer to another card, this time, students are inexperienced has convinced, in accordance with the instructions on the card fraud, the money will be transferred. A suspect was jailed due to telecom fraud victim card only 9 yuan cheated because crooks use 23 to 171 at the beginning of 170, the mobile phone number for the virtual telephone network, users can not identify the true identity of the police involved from the bank card to investigate in-depth Shanxi, Gansu, Guizhou province six. In July 27th, police bank card withdrawals ATM surrounding the video through the investigation involved, locked the suspect Lee (34 years old, Fujian), the next day it will be captured, seized 53 bank cards from their rented room, after Lee’s on-line Yemou (25 years old, Fujian), ye Moumou (28 years old, Fujian) was catch, November 2nd, Lee’s last line Moumou (Li Mouzhiqi) was escorted back to yang. So far, the gang of 4 were all arrested. The police found 4 of the gang since April this year, the more than and 170 Telecom fraud totaling about 1500000 yuan, in addition to the Shanyang county since 19, the rest are in the field, more than and 170 cases of crime, a victim card only 9 yuan of money has not been spared the gang. The police carted around 8 provinces and 11 cities 19 counties, even sent two police forensics in Guangdong. .相关的主题文章: