The national day countdown to Hangzhou, Ji’nan smoke multiple times EMU ticket has been sold out

The national day countdown to Hangzhou, Ji’nan smoke more trip train tickets have already been sold out in 17 days of return passenger flow peak in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday travel smoothly ended, Ji’nan passenger traffic volume was essentially flat with last year. But many people maozuliaojin, looking forward to the upcoming 7 day National Day holiday. Is expected in September 30th and October 1st will usher in the year before the passenger travel peak, Ji’nan to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Yantai multiple times EMU tickets have been sold out. In accordance with the provisions of the state, the free passage of high-speed road for the Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, labor day, national day and other four national holidays. This means that the upcoming National Day holiday, self driving travel of the passenger car owners can enjoy free high-speed holiday welfare. According to the Mid Autumn Festival holiday and travel conditions in the past, the first day of October 1st will usher in a free high-speed travel peak. National Day holiday approaching, will usher in the peak passenger traffic a year ago." Ji’nan Railway Bureau, a staff member, the National Day holiday for 7 days, will focus on the release of the public travel, visit relatives will be expected in September 30th, in October 1st will usher in the peak passenger traffic. In fact, the National Day holiday railway ticket has entered the "grab votes" state. Judging from the current ticket situation, after October 1st, Ji’nan, Beijing, there are more tickets to the direction of the ticket, but to Qingdao, Yantai, Shanghai, the direction of the EMU will be more tense. As of 17 September 30th, October 10th 18:30, Ji’nan sent to the EMU train ticket to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Yantai basically sold out, the situation began to improve in October 2nd. October 1st Ji’nan to Beijing there are many more votes, but in October 6th, 7 tickets have been sold out a lot of animals. At the same time, the influence of the railway tone map is still a "fall out", during the national day of Ji’nan to Qingdao D6007 train tickets yet on sale, will be available from September 18th 8:30. In addition, the National Day holiday period, the bus terminal will also usher in the annual peak travel day, the bus terminal to remind passengers to determine the itinerary in advance, as early as possible. At present, station has opened 13 way ticket, passengers friend in addition to the ticket window, self-service ticketing terminal ticket, can also purchase tickets through the official station WeChat, mobile phone APP, highway passenger travel network can also call the station whenever and wherever possible, the hotline 053196369 consultation booking ticket.相关的主题文章: