The Holiday Place Sponsored This Years Barnardos Big Toddle 2012 Event-chompoo araya

News-and-Society Supporting UK-based charity Barnardo’s which helps disadvantaged children all over the country, The Holiday Place proudly sponsored yesterday’s annual Big Toddle 2012 race event with the participation of two children from one staff member, Gareth Howells. Evie Howells, 2, and Fleur Howells, 9 months, encouraged by their father, a senior travel advisor, and the whole team at The Holiday Place, participated in the toddler race which took place in Chadwell Heath Park and which saw the eldest of the two finish last and the younger one falling asleep. The two little stars helped raise a total of 253 for Barnardo’s Big Toddle, the UK’s biggest charity event for children under 5. Each year around half a million children prepare to participate in the charity race and this year’s Superhero-themed race saw many parents, nurseries and groups organising their own toddle race to raise funds to help fund Barnardo’s vital work with Britain’s most vulnerable toddlers. This year a total of 24,000 has been raised so far, an amount that will be devoted to giving disadvantaged and disabled toddlers the childhood they deserve. The sponsored race is a short walk of around 100 yards and takes place throughout the year, although most organised events tend to take place between June and July. Anyone can set up a Big Toddle Race group at any time of year and organise their own event to help raise funds for the charity’s important projects, such as the Heshima Family Support Centre in South London, which works with local toddlers and their families offering therapy work for children with behavioural problems and day care support for "at risk" children. The project also organises "stay and play" sessions for toddlers, supports parents of children with disabilities and provides a range of services to the local .munity including a baby clinic and sessions for new parents. The Holiday Place is a UK-based tour operator and travel specialist in Cuba holidays, tailor-made holidays and luxury holidays for discerning travellers. With over 25 years of experience and dedication to providing travellers with the best value deals in exotic destinations, they have a long-standing reputation as one of the UK’s top independent travel .panies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: