The high-speed interchange ramp two car reversing directions will be fined 600 yuan note 24 points

The high-speed interchange ramp two car reversing directions fined 600 yuan, recorded 24 points on September 26th at 16:30 in the afternoon, take the city traffic enforcement corps highway second detachment command center video surveillance equipment to a 5 minute video illegal. In the video, a car driver in the fast lane and overtaking Bong Creek Road parking way, then reversing, another car parked in the emergency lane as the guide. Because these two vehicles three traffic violations, the two drivers were fined $600, recorded 24 points. First, after the illegal parking for illegal parking change route on September 26th at 10:30 in the morning, a car traveling to Yunnan Ji Bong Creek high-speed Kuimen interchange, he ready to travel from Yichang to Chengdu to Wanzhou direction, but not familiar with the wrong path, to stop at Bong Creek expressway, between the lane and overtaking lane, the car to go a passenger station in the middle of the highway road, and another car parked in the emergency Lane on the road. After the question, Yunnan sedan car directly reversing the change of route. During this period, the two car drivers did not open the vehicle alarm flash, set warning signs to remind the rear of the vehicle and take any security measures, the whole process is very dangerous. After the discovery of the case, immediately notify the city traffic enforcement Corps detachment command center highway Second Highway second detachment three brigade, three brigade enforcement officers immediately went to the treatment, with a megaphone to please two car off as soon as possible, according to the two vehicles to destination, requested a car to Kuimen Toll Station Road, a car from Fengjie toll station accept the road. Two car three violations fined 600 yuan note 24 points according to the "road traffic safety law" the relevant provisions of the law enforcement officers for high-speed car drivers on the highway illegal parking and reversing the illegal parking, fined 200 yuan, driving license penalty of 6 points, the illegal parking shall be fined 200 yuan the driver’s license, penalty of 12 points; on the way the driver, for violation of non emergency parking on the highway to a fine of 200 yuan, driving license penalty of 6 points. Chongqing high-speed law enforcement departments to remind the National Day holiday approaching, car travel group in high speed before going ahead to the route at the entrance ramp to observe the traffic signs, to avoid getting lost on the highway. If you don’t get lost in the highway, parking free on the main, if an emergency to stop, to stop the vehicle to a hard shoulder or emergency parking, open the double jump lights, set up warning signs, emergency telephone call; if driving on the way, such as the need to consult for help, rescue the car, please Chongqing high speed passenger dial emergency rescue 24 hours Tel: 96096, 023-89077770; if it is wrong, please the highway in the nearest exit, make clear direction after the traffic on the highway. In addition, during the National Day holiday highway toll station entrance with the service desk, not familiar with the route please advice, not greed is convenient, free parking for directions.相关的主题文章: