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Business Let’s take a minute and peel back the all the outlying layers to get to the inner core of leadership. There are many important aspects of leadership. They all .e together to create someone extraordinary. However there are one or two core issues without which leadership is impossible. It would be like preparing a meat roast. If you don’t have the carrots or potatoes, or you are missing spices you can .pensate and still enjoy a satisfying meal even if it is not perfect. However, without the meat, it would be impossible. It doesn’t matter how many potatoes and carrots you have. It won’t help to have the greatest blend of spices. If you don’t have the meat, you can’t make a meat roast. Plain and simple! The question is what is the meat of leadership? The answer is personal responsibility. An Un.mon Leader takes personal responsibility for everything that happens to him. He knows that he created the environment that he is in. He knows that he is not a victim of circumstances. He knows that only he can do something to change it. By realizing his own impact on his world and the world around him and taking responsibility and even ownership, the Un.mon Leader can do things few others can. It is super empowering for a person to realize that he has the power to change his situation by changing his thought patterns, his behavior, and his environment. It, not only, allows him, but indeed propels him, to make the changes necessary to reach a different set of circumstances. Today we live in a victimhood society. Personal responsibility is on life support. It’s McDonald’s fault that people are overweight. It’s the tobacco .panies’ fault that people are unhealthy. It’s the gun manufacturers’ fault that there is crime. Many Americans are happy to have someone to blame for their unfortunate lives. But the truth is their happiness and success is an outgrowth of them taking full responsibility for their own lives. When people give the power to someone or something else to decide their happiness, their happiness will be elusive, inconsistent and spotty. It can be no other way. That is what separates un.mon leaders from everyone else. The more that you exercise personal responsibility for yourself, the more control over your life. When you .e across that rare individual that takes full responsibility for his life, he cannot help being placed in a position of leadership. His taking responsibility makes him a rain-maker by definition. He is extremely attractive to others. There are many that are only too willing to let him take the responsibility and follow like sheep. If you think that you have no control and no responsibility, think again. Your boss, spouse, friend, relative are only responding to you. Take the initiative to make conscience and intentional decisions with everything that you do. Be decisive and stick up for your decisions. Show those that you have given control that you are ready and able to take the responsibility and control and you’ll see amazing things start to happen. There is plenty of room at the top. Most people are scared stiff of the assent let alone the summit. They don’t know what they are missing – the air is clear and the view is beautiful. Don’t wait any longer. Start your assent. Take full responsibility for everything in your life. Enjoy a delicious real meat meal at the table of life. You will have discovered the secret of every successful leader that has walked the pla.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: