The Fed hinted that the timing of special interest rates Her appearance fear of triggering a huge ma

The Fed hinted that the timing of special interest rates? The fear of her appearance and then lead to non-agricultural and service sector data market earthquake fed governor Brainard’s recent poor seemingly Fed rate hike in September is expected to have ashes to ashes. Given the upcoming U.S. presidential election, the market had expected the probability of interest rate is low. However, if the Fed wants to change expectations, the remaining time is not much. The Fed will enter a "silent period" a week before the policy meeting, where officials will not be able to deliver a speech, an interview, or any other form of comment. Since the Jackson Holzer meeting of central end of the two weeks, the market changes did not occur the shaking heaven and earth. At least the Fed’s big three Yellen, Fisher and Dudley are in accordance with the plan delivered a speech. However, Beijing time next Tuesday (September 13th) 1:15, Fed chairman Brainard speech on the economic outlook. It is worth noting that Renard’s speech is a temporary arrangement to add. Renard is a member of the Fed’s policy committee, a member of the public who does not regularly appear on monetary policy. Foreign exchange website Forex Crunch founder and editor Yohay Elam pointed out that, in theory, its unusual appearance before the fed into the silent period itself is a big hint. Elam said, as she expressed support for raising interest rates in 9 days, despite the Fed’s dovish bias, the election approaching and the data performance is uneven, but it will make the market participants believe that the Fed rate hike for evidence "". Not only did Mr Renard not often speak, but he was also a member of the FOMC who had a permanent vote. Whether she will guide the market interest rate hike is expected? He published a hawkish speech, the dollar will have uplink space, because the market is expected to increase interest rates did not digest. But the hawks were less likely to change. She may refuse to publish any hawkish remarks. We will wait and see. Barclays Bank chief economist Michael Gapen also said that Renard’s speech was regarded as a significant signal of the Fed’s September intention. As the Fed’s policy committee dovish members, if the cloth of Renard’s speech also raise interest rates to pass out the signal, then the internal Federal Reserve agreement to raise interest rates; we think it will increase the possibility of a rate hike in September. "If she sounded more hawkish, it will undoubtedly become a decisive argument," The Lindsey Group, chief market analyst Peter Boockvar said, "I think she will be fed into the quiet period of a few days ago unusual speech." Boockvar believes that September is "on-site meetings", the interest rate will trigger an. "For not completely ready for the stock market, it will not only lead to confusion, and will become messy," he said, "the stock market in these levels only because of low interest rates and central bank policy… The Fed easing… Cancel, people will be aware of the reality, rather than how people hope." Wells Fargo economist said on Friday that the Fed is expected to wait until December, but if the pull of the trigger in September, then the year;相关的主题文章: