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Health The fast reliable results that are being produced by cold laser treatment for chronic or acute inflammatory dis.forting and painful conditions is gaining greater popularity as breakthrough medicine. Conditions that include various types of muscular, tendon and ligament damage due the effects of an accident or playing sport, knees, elbows and joints suffering from arthritis, those burdened with chronic and acute back, neck and shoulder pain, along with .mon repetitive strain injuries, soft tissue damage and even wounds can all be healed to some degree and in a lot of cases with great success. The list expands and continues to grow. The word laser actually means Light Amplification by Stimulation Emission of Radiation and consists of a pure form of light energy of a specific wavelength. When focused they can create a powerful beam of light that can travel over a vast distance without dispersion and can produce massive power densities capable of even cutting steel and delicate enough for extremely fine precision cutting of soft tissue during surgery. The bodys natural biological healing processes are sped up as the light laser, which increases certain photochemical reactions to occur, moves over the tissue. No heat is emitted whatsoever from the cold laser and so it makes the patient more .fortable and at ease during the session, however some report a tingling sensation which is due to the lasers light stimulating nerve ends but most patients report feeling nothing. Generally cold laser treatments need to be performed up to ten times with each session last approximately five minutes. This proves very convenient and some patients even finding beneficial effects straight away but as these things go, others may need a lot more treatment to achieve some satisfaction. However, not everyone will find success and unfortunately thats the nature of individual cases so it is best to have a diagnosis with a specialist laser clinic first to find out the options that are there. You may find that your local laser surgery is booked up for months in advance during popular sport seasons. The rapid recovery boasted by cold laser treatment draws athletes in to the clinics to find a fast effective way to heal injuries that the cold laser treatment allows over previous methods recovery rates. In Cosmetic treatments, the low intensity treatment(LILT) creates the same effect. Cosmetic surgeons, feeling the demands for this fast convenient solution, are growing in number and see their waiting lists grow due to the cold laser treatments remarkable lasting effects. Finally, because cold laser treatment is performed in a non-dramatic operation fashion and is non-toxic requiring no medication, most people chose it over traditional methods but one of the main factors for choosing cold laser treatment is that it is .pletely non-invasive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: