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Travel-and-Leisure Choosing Your Dream Wedding There is a lot to think about when it .es to planning a wedding. One of the choices that couples have is the choice between different destination wedding locations or a traditional wedding in which the location would be home for the couple. When people think of a lavish tropical location for their wedding they usually think that it is going to cost a lot of money. However, this is not the case; a destination wedding normally costs a couple less money than a traditional wedding. Since a destination wedding is typically smaller and only your closest friends and family make the trip, you dont have to pay a lot of money for guests that you would feel obligated to invite to a traditional wedding. For example you dont have to foot the bill for your coworkers, business partners, or those distant relatives you really dont know. destination wedding spots will have wedding packages that help you save money as well. Most wedding packages will let you exclude anything you do not want and give you credit for those items. This is another great money saver. The Extravagant Ceremony Experience Imagine being on a beach or a cliff overlooking the ocean, beautiful tropical flowers and trees surround you. The sun is just about to set as you and your future spouse exchange your vows. The people you love the most are there to share this moment with you and enjoy the fantastic location you choose. Not many other experiences are better than that. You get more than just a one-day wedding experience when you choose from destination wedding locations; you get a mini vacation with all your loved ones. Not only is the ceremony amazing, so are all the days that lead up to that special day. Many couples find that they can give more to their guests that make that special trip for them. With the money you save from doing a destination wedding you can possibly invite everyone to your rehearsal dinner, or perhaps give everyone a lavish gift for .ing, or maybe have an open bar that would have been too expensive had you done a bigger, traditional wedding. Most destination wedding spots will offer a discount on room rates for you and your guests. People should never assume their dream wedding is out of reach. Knowing your options is a valuable tool when planning your special day. Destination weddings are a great way to have the extravagant wedding of your dreams within the budget that you can afford. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: