The blood from the lungs against the haze, began to eat! – Sohu to eat and drink

The blood from the lungs against the haze, began to eat! Sohu eat black fungus and duck are nutritious ingredients, nourishing blood and moistening lung function. Ingredients: 1 duck: a 2 dry fungus: a 3 dry pepper: two 4 pepper: Ten grains of about 5: three onion root 6: a small piece of ginger garlic 7: three 8 valve oil, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce: the amount of practice: 1 fungus water hair, pedicle to clean tear small pieces. Peel ginger and garlic slice. Go to the root wash cut shallot. Duck wash cut into small pieces. 2 from the pan, add pepper, dried pepper, ginger, garlic, stir incense. The soaked fungus drain stir fry wok to collapse. Put in the duck blood, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, stir the fire a minute and a half. Scallion wok to stir fry thirty seconds out of the pot can be. Loquacious: fungus bubble time not long, to prevent the breeding of bacteria. I’m Liang Xishou, a Indoorswoman, often in the middle of a chowhound, lazy and greedy tangle, love delicious fast food, not difficult to do dishes, do the dishes to welcome exchanges. My WeChat public number: liangxishou QQ public number is it yo.相关的主题文章: