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The Art of Cooking The heart and soul of food .es from the kitchen is a motto that John Macy, creator of Cheesesticks, lives by. It is the idea that cooking should be more about art then simply fulfilling the need to eat. This idea creates the need for a dinner party to have creative and elegant party finger food, along with the use of exciting new cheese recipes. A dinner party should be as much about the art of cooking as it should be about the .pany that attends. Many people may start with simple appetizers for the party. This may include different party finger foods or unique cheese recipes. Below we will describe some simple tips that will allow your dinner party to not only be successful, but also allow your guest to be amazed by the art of your cooking. Party Finger Foods The perfect way to create delicious and aesthetically pleasing party finger foods is to start by picking foods that vary in color, shape and texture. You may want to plan a simple nut mixture that calls for something sweet and salty, such as, nuts and chocolate. Maybe, your guest would prefer a spicier dish, such as, dried fruit with a simple wasabi flavored nut. Whatever you decide remember to start with a clear idea of what type of party finger food you would like and then try to be as creative as possible. Cheese Recipes One of the simplest ways to impress your guest is to use a variety of different types of cheese recipes. This may mean experimenting and creating your own cheese or by ordering delicious John Wm. Macys CheeseSticks. Some people may decide to pair different cheeses with fresh herbs or spices or they may decide to do a simple cheese and fruit platter. Whatever you decide make sure you remember to be as creative and unique as possible. Overall appetizers for parties may .e in all shapes and sizes. They may take a considerable amount of time or preparation or they may be very simple. Remember to get your creative juices flowing start with something you are familiar with. Maybe you have an old family favorite that you could add something to in order to make it your own or try using a friends unique cheese recipe. Whatever type of appetizer you choose to make, just have fun with it. Consider this your opportunity to be your own Van Gough, only with party finger foods. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: