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The ant Hui Auto Finance will launch fixed investment treasure hunters want you intelligent We! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Following the September launch of the "10 yuan financial artifact light gold investment, recently serving its ant ant and treasure launched a smart financial services –" Hui investment". A key to open, not only can automatic management, will be a smart "hunters", and the investment threshold as low as 20 yuan, so that everyone can simple financial. Investors in the hopes of the stock market low when the "hunters", buy less in the stock market highs, but it is very difficult to determine what time is what time is high and low. Through quantitative intelligent strategy, "Hui investment" can solve the financial pain point. It is understood that the "Hui investment" is actually the traditional fund investment function of the "smart" version, the main support is associated with the stock market index, equity, hybrid funds etc.. The traditional fund investment function, can only be done at a fixed date, at a fixed amount of investment in the same fund. But the same is at a fixed date, the same investment fund, investment wisdom through quantitative intelligent strategy, can change trend of the stock market intelligent judgment, and the flexibility to adjust the amount of investment to achieve "high buy less, buy low", the actual amount of investment for a fixed amount of 60%~210%. After the reporter found that experience, "Hui investment" has the advantages of simple operation, as long as the page prompts sets the amount of fixed investment "and" investment cycle ", a key to open the smart money can experience. With fixed investment amount of 20 yuan as an example, when the Hui will vote to determine the current stock price high, too expensive, will automatically reduce the amount of investment, a minimum of 12 yuan; when the stock market is low, the stock price will be judged Hui cheaper, it will automatically increase the amount of investment, a maximum of 42 yuan. Long-term adherence to the "Hui is scheduled to vote, the average investment cost and risk is reduced, when the stock market rise is more profitable. According to Hui investment product page display, "Cathay valuation advantage of hybrid LOF" as an example, if the user in October 20, 2013 opened the "Hui Investment Weekly", investment 20 yuan, the cumulative earnings 3 years after the user rate was 89.57%, and three years stock market rose only 36.69%. In addition to Cathay Pacific Fund, the "Hui investment" function also supports more than and 90 fund companies, more than 1 thousand and 600 fund products. Cathay Pacific Fund Manager Chen Xingde said, smart investment has become an important field of Internet financial enterprises beachhead layout in recent years, understand the real needs of users through large data, contribute to Cathay Pacific Fund for investors to provide accurate products and services. Early in September 8th this year, the first anniversary of the conference on the treasure of ants, ants gold service responsible person said, investment services and smart financial management will be the two major development direction of ants treasure. At the beginning of September, has launched the "ant treasure fund will be a simplified version of" — "10 yuan financial artifact light investment, launched nearly 1 days attracted 100 thousand users. Now, the ant treasure Hui is scheduled to vote, and the intelligent theory相关的主题文章: