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Telecommunications fraud occurred frequently loopholes into "accomplice" the morning of September 1st, Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, the new campus of Zhengzhou University football field, from the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of anti fraud center false information "Zheng police Milo" to more than 6000 students, with a real case for the new students on the school safety lesson, as is let the new polish eyes, all sorts of scam trick criminals recognize, protect the personal and property safety of their own people. Online without real name and identity card, the sale of mobile phone numbers are very casual chat screenshot. Chinese Youth Daily · youth online photo reporter Pan Zhixian recently, the constantly exposed students encounter telecommunications fraud cases caused widespread concern. Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporter after an investigation found that a large number of student information is the sale price in the network, and the real name for the mobile phone card, bank card, do not register can easily buy. High school student information 100 yuan 1000 Youth Daily · China; youth online reporter search relevant keywords in the social platform, find hundreds of "information and trading related QQ group, many of which group names directly" student data transaction "and" bank transaction data". The reporter added some QQ group found that members of the group of buyers are also sellers, the number in the tens to hundreds of people ranging from the group at a "sell the latest release of student data, private chat" buy × × student information and other news. Reporters in the group released a message to buy student information, there are a lot of people take the initiative to contact reporters, ask what stage, which areas of student information. Reporters asked the seller who has no information on the Henan high school students, the seller in a screenshot to show his database. The reporter saw in the screenshot, there are 18 Excel files, in addition to a named "Yongcheng" (Shangqiu City, Henan Province, under the jurisdiction of a county-level city – reporters note), the other 17 all named Henan province name. According to him, is all high school students in the information it contains, the price of 100 yuan 1000. Another seller also took the initiative to contact reporters. He said he had more than 30 thousand losing information list in Henan area. This reporter has doubts on the authenticity, say "I do this a few years". After negotiations, the reporter suggested that if you can immediately verify a large number of free purchase of the case, the other party has finally given a total of 25 students of the full information screenshot two. Screenshot of the student’s name, gender, school, home address, contact information, parents name and contact information readily available, the degree of surprise. This is the name of the sale of ordinary senior high school students information of 100 yuan per 1000, slide file students and art students information per 200 yuan. The seller also assured reporters that the data provided are the latest". The reporter tries a number of students call continuous call in the screenshot, screenshot to verify the information given on all of the real and the students and their parents in that their information leaks were very shocked, do not know their information is leaked when. So these are the sellers!相关的主题文章: