Tear eye! A 86 year old woman to heaven 8 letter words drop dead diva

Tear eye! A 86 year old woman to heaven 8 words need to know how to cherish love if love, please with the time to redouble our efforts. Love is not under the moon is not idle, on a long bench sigh. – Soviet poet Shi Ba Geoff enterprises living in Jiangbei old Liu Shengmin, 86 years old this year. November 2012, his wife Xin Xiangping suddenly died of illness. The pain and loneliness, as if the crowning calamity drowned her, she locked herself in the room full of memories. "I have been sitting in the back of his portrait remains before talking to him, completely closed himself, not willing to go out, also do not want to speak." Until Liu Shengmin picked up a pen, a book to record drip years. The pet of her nearly 60 years as a man, from the pen came alive. Between the lines with "I’ve never been so lonely now, never been so lonely. It is said that the long time will naturally disappear, but I have never been forgotten because of the passage of time……" Also a common past time of joy: "from the capital into the Qinling Mountains Szechwan Tie Tong Guandu Kuimen more camp children and grandchildren joy Yangyang heart set eighty-eight year old Xiangruyimo hope you live to be ninety-nine" and that first, autumn wind up. 1956, graduated from the Beijing Institute of foreign languages, just in Beijing to participate in the work of Liu Shengmin, after the introduction of the students, to understand the greater than six year old people’s Liberation Army Armored Forces Command cadres, Xin Xiangping. For the first time, Xin Xiangping fell in love with Liu Shengmin at first sight. Ugly in appearance Xin Xiangping, does not accord with the female students in Liu Shengmin’s mind the image of Prince charming. The young students respect and respect for the people’s Liberation Army, but let Liu Shengmin can not open mouth refused. Liu Shengmin was born in Chongqing Yunyang a large family, loved the youngest daughter, God’s favored one of the university graduates, who let her experience with Xin Shohei rough misfits. In the face of the tragedy of the past, the young people to participate in the revolution of all kinds of experience, Liu Shengmin said: his eyes so that I can not refuse, and Liu Shengmin’s gentle, let Xin Xiangping grateful to cherish. "I love his simple honest kind, he does not have that kind of love and sweet words, always go straight." In the day in and day out exchanges, Liu Shengmin on Xin Xiangping’s sympathy and admiration, slowly into admiration and love. "I changed my mind slowly. I thought it was amazing. In this process, I think people can not look from the surface, depending on the meaning." Marriage, Liu Shengmin has been spoiled by her husband. In an instant, she and her husband are helped through half a century, three of their children grow up, marry and settle down. His wife died suddenly, feel like a vine soaring. "He asked me before leaving, Sheng min ah, I die, how do you do ah? I said how do you die, don’t talk two of us, you live ninety-nine, I live ninety-three, he is six years older than me, I say we both go." Not born on the same day, but on the same day. After all, this good wish did not come true, leaving Liu Shengmin alone, regret. Why not for this man, love at first sight. "Autumn, autumn clouds fly, the leaves fall everywhere, the boundless sky, a wild goose South book相关的主题文章: