Sun Zihan, a knife is not cut, when exposed to high temperature heat stroke risk collapse (video) acbel

Sun Zihan "uncut" exposure when heat stroke risk [Abstract] just fainted Taiwan issued his seventh solo album entity, the mainland digital on-line double EP "now I" "is the best of me", the new king Sun Zihan Niko sing dance and big moves, new song "uncut" MV officiallypremiered! Sun Zihan "wait" Tencent Taiwan issue personal entertainment news just seventh entity album, double EP "mainland digital on-line now" I "is the best of me", singing and dancing to the new king Niko’s grandson, culvert and big moves, the new song "uncut" MV officiallypremiered! Taiwan new director MV Polly directed. Shoot this MV, Niko grandson Han suffered a physical temperature of 40 degrees Celsius weather. On the same day for more than 12 hours of work, although the staff also carefully done preventive measures, but Niko Sun Zihan still once because of long-term exposure dehydration heat stroke, although after a short rest, the doctor suggested that the extension of shooting, but he in order not to delay the shooting schedule, still adhere to teeth, dedicated attitude also won all the work people appreciate. There are a large number of the "solo action uncut" MV, which makes the return from South Korea to study, and on the album into the post production work Niko also give full play to their own "spring" character, every day practicing dance for 6 hours, and in the "uncut" dance, dance teacher to MV the picture effect, specially designed knees, turned 270 degrees with ankle strength to stand, this stunner, let Niko suffered. Tencent news client music page card on the line!!! Hand to teach you to add:相关的主题文章: