Stem cell research artificial blood by China, can solve the shortage

Stem cell research "artificial blood" by China, can solve the "shortage"? Source: Science Chinese WeChat public number (experts: Zhou Junnian PLA Key Laboratory of stem cell and regenerative medicine, Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA Institute of transfusion of stem cell and regenerative medicine research associate, Department of biological medicine research institute Dr. Southern China Southern China Center for stem cell and regenerative medicine stem cell therapy research director) Research Institute of Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA, blood transfusion the Key Laboratory of stem cell and regenerative medicine Pei Xuetao team after 10 Chi Chi research, established the "artificial blood" preparation process, and the technology of stem cells were successfully prepared by "artificial red blood cells". The military health and drug testing authority, the "artificial red blood cells and normal red cell hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying capacity and osmotic fragility and other indicators are basically the same, is the source of stem cells, in vitro preparation is close to clinical application of biological science and technology achievements, the amplification rate is more than 100 thousand times, significantly better than the previous level of technology, laid the foundation for large-scale production, so that our stem cell preparation" artificial blood "research into the international top level. What is the process of "artificial blood" preparation? Blood is the fountain of life, is the basis of human physiological functions and the normal operation of the fundamental guarantee, has an important role in material transportation, maintain the normal homeostasis and defense and regulating normal physiological function. The amount of blood of normal people account for about 8% of body weight, body weight 60 kg, the total amount of blood in the 4500 to 5000 ml, if due to trauma, surgery or other causes of blood loss of more than the total amount of blood transfusion must take 25-30%, rescue measures. The rapid development of the field of stem cells, as well as a breakthrough in the development of in vitro and normal blood cells to achieve the same blood cell replacement products as possible, and it is the "artificial blood" research and development of the starting point. Based on the stem cell technology, artificial blood stem cell research refers to the use of high proliferation ability and differentiation potential, through cell engineering technology, in vitro or partially mimic in vivo hematopoiesis (including regulating stromal cells support hematopoietic growth factor, etc.) of stem cells in vitro, directional differentiation, activation and regulation, to get a large amount in a short period of time early hematopoietic stem progenitor cells and the hematopoietic precursor cells, amplification of a large number of red blood cells and platelets, megakaryocytes lymphocyte function of blood cells and immune cells induced and orientation, and can be activated and the regulation on the part of the function of cells, differentiated cells will ultimately be used to blood cell transfusion and hematopoietic cell transplantation. The successful preparation of artificial red blood cell is part of the artificial blood research and development. (pictures from the network) through "artificial blood" preparation of the whole story is a series of stem cell procedure efficient amplification of integrated innovation and the key technology of blood induced differentiation, including stem cells, progenitor cells, terminal cells of these 3 key links, the three part is the rate limiting step of artificial "the blood preparation process, as a string of Hainan相关的主题文章: