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Marketing Tired of paying all of those listing fees that are associated with the larger online auction sites? Not only are these big boys like Amazon and eBay charging you for listing your item in their auction, they are also charging you a commission for selling it. They get you coming and going, with the only real money being made by them. Well you now have the chance to list your item for free and only pay a fee only when your item sells. There are other auction sites available today that offer the same privacy and security without all of those big boy fees. At auction sites like, you will have big advantages over listing items on eBay or Amazon. There are no fees to offer your item for sale unless you want to add an optional feature to your listing. You only pay at this online auction site when you have sold an item. They even give you an account credit when you register to become a seller. This will allow you to keep a running balance when you sell your first item so that your service will not be interrupted. This ultimately raises the money you make as a seller in an online auction. Making money is why we are selling at online auctions in the first place, right? With listing fees from the big boys on the rise again, it’s time to rethink the way we sell at online auctions. Since we cannot control the prices for our items offered for sale at an online auction, we have to adjust our earnings by lowering our overall costs associated with selling at an online auction. When selling with you will be competing for sales with real people as opposed to the masses of wholesalers who have dumped off their listing into the laps of underpaid employees. This will give your items a better chance of being seen by the people who are looking to purchase them. Buyers no longer have to shuffle through page after page of the same sellers items to find an individual to purchase from. On your items will be displayed for all potential buyers to see without all of the low-ball sellers items getting in your way. Many wholesalers offer their items for a very small price and then add enough in the shipping to cover the cost of their item. This makes your item appear to have a higher price and your listing may just get skipped over or lost among the thousands of other items similar to yours if you list with one of those big boys. When listing items for sale through, you will have all of the security advantages of a bigger online auction site without paying the price to list your item. Final selling fees are also much lower than you would expect for an online auction site at Try selling a few of your items on today to see how much money you can add to your bank account without raising your prices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: