Sichuan Quxian County public rental chaos caused by thousands of people cheated money – in the new n

Sichuan Quxian County public rental chaos: nearly a thousand people cheated by hard-earned money – Beijing fraud to the victim issued a receipt". Newspaper reporter Liu Jianhua photo Sichuan, Quxian County after a small corner of public rental housing. Newspaper reporter Jin Zhengbo photo July 12th, newspaper readers’ letter "side" column published an article entitled "Sichuan Quxian County low rent housing chaos brokers cheated our hard-earned money" letter, reflecting the county Shui Kou Xiang Da Tian Xu Yan villagers Moumou to pay 80 thousand yuan deposit, that can apply to the low rent housing (from the beginning of 2014 unified called public rental), but eventually cheated experience. According to reports, such as Xu Yan cheated, there are nearly a thousand households in the county, and the majority of low-income groups, many of whom do not have the qualifications to apply for public rental. This can not help but wonder: Why are they so easily believe that brokers and deceived? To this end, the reporter went to the local understanding of the situation in August 23rd. The victims of the masses to the public security organs to provide more than and 900 "low rent housing deposit receipt on August 23rd to 25, the reporter interviewed many people cheated, the public security organs, the police bureau responsible comrades, learned this through a so-called" public rental deposit "and fraud by the case and the masses. 23 afternoon, in a clearing of the river channel, reporters and hundreds of victims met. Some of them for their parents to apply for public rental, and some for their own applications. Some of them are low, some disabled card, some city residents, some rural household, some of the original rural household, but due to land acquisition have been converted to urban hukou. But most are ordinary people in rural areas. The victims of the masses to us a receipt, post number, there were a total of 61. Most of the receipt was signed Chen Yipeng. The receipt is written, in addition to payment of the name is different, a different amount of other content, roughly the same. Time span from 2013 to 2016. It is understood that, in 2012, after the Quxian County River community public rental housing has been put into construction. These public rental housing for more than 20 storeys high-rise buildings, divided into several stages of construction. The County Township entertainment dragon village Party branch secretary Chen Yipeng after the announcement, an adorable quick money crooked ideas: public rental deposit received. From the beginning of 2013, he has a disability certificate to enjoy subsistence allowances, or five farmers say that they are eligible for government public housing conditions, can help them to apply to, but have to pay a certain amount of margin. May 31st of this year, is the last day of the promise of Chen Yipeng and others, but deceived the masses to fight the phone, such as the people of Chen Yipeng but failed to get through, and then report to the public security bureau. The Public Security Bureau of the police that night in Chengdu on June 3rd, Chen Yipeng captured the fraud Gang, a total of 31 people, 4 suspects were arrested, the remaining 27 people were taken to residential surveillance measures. Then the Public Security Bureau received a Chen Yipeng signature "low rent housing deposit receipts more than and 900, 60 townships in the county in most villages and towns are the victims of the masses. When asked how many people Chen Yipeng cheated a lot of money, the police did not give specific figures.相关的主题文章: