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Shenzhen Zhongzhou investment Cmi Holdings Ltd 2016 semi annual report summary – Sohu 1 securities, important tips of the semi annual report from the semi annual report, investors want to know the details, should be read carefully simultaneously published in cninf or the Shenzhen stock exchange website Chinese commission the semi annual report on the designated website. Company introduction, 2 major financial data and shareholder changes (1) the main financial data is due to changes in accounting policies and accounting errors and other retroactive adjustments or restatement of prior year financial data are (2) the top 10 shareholders of ordinary shares form: (3) the top 10 shares of preferred stock shareholders for table do not apply to the company reported no preferred stock shareholders. (4) the controlling shareholder or actual controller changes the controlling shareholder during the reporting period to change the controlling shareholder of the company during the reporting period has not changed. Actual controller during the reporting period to change the actual control of the company did not change the reporting period. 3, management discussion and analysis during the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 3 billion 322 million yuan, an increase of 42.11%; total profit of 136 million yuan, down 76.61%; attributable to owners of the parent company net profit of 26 million yuan, down 93.67%; operating cash flow net -6.34 billion yuan, down 23.70%. Mainly due to the increase in operating income during the reporting period the settlement period of real estate income over the same period last year; gross profit and net profit attributable to owners of the parent company fell main reasons: first, the reporting period settlement real estate income accounted for a relatively high Shanghai project and an Chengdu Zhongzhou central city States of the project land acquisition cost is higher, compared with over the same period last year the completion settlement of Shenzhen Zhongzhou holding financial center project, the gross margin has decreased greatly; the two is with the business scale expansion, the reporting period the cost during the year there was a substantial increase. During the reporting period, the company’s real estate project sales area of 439 thousand and 500 square meters, sales of $5 billion 103 million, an increase of 149.86% and 184.13%, respectively, contract sales to complete the annual plan target of 48.53%. Included in the sale of the project: Chengdu Zhongzhou Jincheng bank contract sales of 1 billion 245 million yuan; Huizhou Zhongzhou Central Park contract sales of 766 million yuan; Huizhou Zhongzhou day Royal contract sales of 966 million yuan; Shanghai Zhongzhou an contract sales of 682 million yuan; Shanghai Zhongzhou mileage contract sales amount of 850 million yuan; other projects sales totaled 622 million yuan. During the reporting period, the company will continue to adhere to the "high turnover, expanding the scale, strict control, increase efficiency, development strategy, the main focus of the work are as follows: in the early deployment of the (1) roots in the core area, increase the project reserves. In January 2016, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cheung Ming Investment Co., Ltd. Chun acquisition, acquisition of Hongkong Tongluowan tunnel project, the company achieved second project reserves in the Hongkong area, Hongkong area to achieve double linkage. In June 2016, the company adopted the way to shoot 401 days相关的主题文章: