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Shangcai Chongyang China Cultural Festival opened in October 9th – Henan – September 30 Zhumadian Xinhua (Qi Yifang) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Zhumadian Municipal Propaganda Department, Chinese? Fourteenth Shangcai Chongyang Festival will be opened on October 9th. County Party Secretary Hu Jianhui said: "we will build Shangcai into the National Cultural Festival and Chongyang Festival filial piety cultural heritage center." Chongyang Festival is also called Climbing Festival, the festival, is China’s traditional festivals. Shangcai Gucheng Okayama is known as "Caihou play as the source of river floor, Chongyang season people climb up evil, and thus in popular, widely circulated. Shangcai County in 2005 was named China Minxie China Chongyang culture of the township, in 2006 the Double Ninth Festival folk was included in the first batch of Henan province non-material cultural heritage protection, the State Council in 2011 was included in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage. It is understood that during the cultural festival with "festival? For love as the theme of the series of mass cultural activities, and the CCTV" big stage "into the" China charity show Chongyang cultural village ", will be wonderful turns on. In addition, will also hold "Chongyang longevity and filial piety, filial piety and exemplary family award in recognition of activities in 2016, five elderly" clinic health check "," the birthplace of Chongyang, respecting "moral lecture and other rich and colorful activities, extensive heritage of virtue and filial piety Chongyang customs. (commissioning editor Song Fangxin and Yang Xiaona)相关的主题文章: