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Politics Youths are the leaders of tomorrow, so the saying goes which is as old as time itself. In 1979, youths were the leaders of tomorrow and my father was around thirty-two (32) years old at the time. In 1995, the tomorrow of my fathers generation dawned on the world and they started taking over the reins of leadership from the generation of their fathers. He (my father) was around forty-eight (48) years at the time and he was definitely a leader of people in his own rights. His life alone and that of others in his generation gave credence to that age-long saying; youths are the leaders of tomorrow. Unfortunately, youths of today are no longer having the wherewithal to take the reins of leadership from my fathers generation that has continued to disallow the saying take its toll on my own generation. At 50, men who are supposed to be edging close to the end of their leadership careers are still found learning the ropes and following 72-year old men who are supposed to be indoors savouring the delight of retirement. Pitiable, huh? I do not blame the younger generation for the anomaly, we cannot take the reins when there is none to offer himself as the pathfinder who will lead the young generation into their era of leadership; especially against a suppressive reign of the older ones who have sworn a till death do us part pact with power. Along came Engineer Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde, a man who has lived as an example to the younger generation that success is indeed attainable at youth such that at forty-seven (47) years, he owns a business venture worth billions of Naira. At 47, he has offered himself for the service of his people as the Governor of Oyo State with a zeal that surpasses personal desires and a .passion that can only be found in a heart filled with love for his people. I heard someone say he is yet to learn the ropes? I answer in the negative, for he has indeed gathered all necessary political experience running from 2007 till date having first contested on the platform of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) for the Oyo South Senatorial seat. How much longer does he have to learn the ropes? When he declared his intention to contest the Oyo State Governorship seat on the platform of the PDP, anti-youths elements went to work touting him as a good prospect for the future and not a material for the moment. I asked at the time, will a 47-year old man remain a leader of tomorrow until he turns 51? When exactly is the tomorrow for Nigerian youths of this era when their forefathers had their tomorrow at 28 (Murtala Muhammed) or thereabout? I believed, alongside other young persons who were eager to lead their generation that it was indeed time for the younger generation to rise to the occasion. True to their intentions, seyi makinde was frustrated out of the PDP under very fraudulent circumstances. Being a dynamic and vibrant youth with high spirits and the readiness to liberate the younger generation from relegation, he quickly moved to the SDP (Social Democratic Party) to pursue his ambition. Today, he is working very hard to convince every voter, every indigene of Oyo State and every stakeholder that the time is indeed now for the emancipation of the younger generation. The time is indeed now for practical youth empowerment; the time is indeed now to liberate the youths from the street cleaners role, to the befitting roles of .munity leaders and government stakeholders. He has .pletely .mitted himself to the task of leading the way towards that tomorrow that the youths were promised when they were younger. In my right, I chose to support this unique young man in his quest to lead Oyo State not because he is young alone, but because he possesses all that it takes to lead the youths into their glorification. He is a testimony of grass to grace, he is an exemplary young Manager of people and resources going by the successes of Makon Group of .panies in the oil and gas sector, he is a persistent change advocate, and he is a man filled with love for his people going by his humanitarian antecedents. Engr. Oluseyi Makinde is indeed a young man who understands how to lead his society. Why should the youths mortgage their future to 60-something year olds? Why should we allow the pettiness of the token gifts we receive from these elders who have refused to retire to cloud our quest to attain our own greatness? Why should we hand over the keys to our destiny to a generation that has exhausted the entire essence of theirs? It is indeed time for the youths to take action. It is indeed time for the leaders of tomorrow to rise up and make that tomorrow a reality. It is indeed time for us all to rise and line behind one of ours who have chosen to lead the way to our Canaan. It is time for us to stand for change that secures our place as leaders in the society. It is time we send our fathers home on retirement and install one of ours to pay their pension. This is tomorrow. Never in the history of the world has the younger generation had around their shoulders the huge responsibility of enthroning themselves as we are seeing now. Shall we allow timidity to stand in our way? Shall we allow our eagerness to make a living rubbish our need to make a life? Shall we once again submit our destiny at the table of indecisiveness? We cannot afford it this time. Today I make a solemn charge that from the corners of Ogbomoso, to the hilltops and crannies of Ibadan, to the bush paths in Iseyin and Saki, to the nooks of Oyo and to the rooftops in Ajaawa and Akinmoorin, let it ring aloud, that THIS IS TOMORROW! We should seize the moment and make our chance count; we should usher in a youth-led government and secure the tomorrow of our own children too; we should retire our fathers and pay their pension; we should make today count so we can be the leaders we were born to be; we should take OYO STATE for ENGR. OLUSEYI ABIODUN MAKINDE this year and set our generation free once and for all. I beckon on all youths to rise to the challenge. The red sea (PDP, LP, APC, AP) will show its face ahead of us, but if we unite and act with purpose, if we insist that our time has .e and our tomorrow is indeed here, not even the red sea will stop the idea of our enthronement whose time we affirmatively say has .e. When we go to the polls on February 28 2015, we must affirm with our thumbs (by voting Engr. Oluseyi Makinde of the SDP) that indeed, our time has .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: