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SEO Web designing is not mere beautification of the site. It involves many other factors besides visual appeal. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a factor that the web designer cannot afford to neglect. If you own a website, you may not wish to overlook on-site optimization of the website. The on-site optimization rests at the hands of the web designer. According to the recent survey conducted on web designers, 84% web designers approved to SEO being important for designers. To obtain high ranking in search engines, web designers need to be familiar with SEO web design. SEO web design includes many strategies. Web designing services make less use of Flash, AJAX, and other technologies to create SEO friendly websites. One such step to SEO web design is to make limited use of JavaScript. JavaScript is a good tool to create effects such as fading and sliding animation. It is excellent for client/browser statistic reporting, form validation, click tracking and others. JavaScript may prove useful as it reduces the problem of file size limit. Google can read files only up to 100 kb. The files larger than this size are difficult to be read. It enables web designers to maintain a website easily. Despite its effectiveness, web designing services avoid the use of JavaScript. It is believed that search engine crawlers can’t read JavaScript. However, this was the case in earlier days. Earlier search engine spiders used ancient browser technologies. They could only read text. The case is different now! Google has already started using Mozilla browser technology. Google can understand some JavaScript, Flash files, and other files like PDF. Other search engines are also upgrading their browser technology. JavaScript can be used. Certain precautionary measures should be taken. JavaScript can over.e the hurdle of SEO unfriendliness, if it used in limited proportion and in appropriate places. The below mentioned rules should be adhered to by SEO web designers at the time of using JavaScript: * SEO web designers should not use JavaScript navigation menus. The links are not then visible to the search engine spiders. As a result, they are not able to follow them. * JavaScript code of document.wrtie is read as normal HTML by the search engines. Similarly, is also read by the search engines. SEO web designers can make use of these codes in JavaScript. Such codes are search engine friendly. Most modern browsers support JavaScript. However, if the visitor’s browser does not support this technology, it is most likely that they may not be able to see the content embedded in JavaScript. But this is something that can be ruled out. You can say that 99.9% visitors may be able to access JavaScript. Many websites use JavaScript today. JavaScript may not affect search engine crawling if it used in the right way. However, it is advisable to limit the use of JavaScript. Web designing services may also make use of CSS and DHTML to obtain similar results. JavaScript may not be considered a taboo! It is just that simpler the code, better the indexing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: