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Holidays One of the rising phenomenons of modern times undoubtedly is self catering cottages. The rate with which the popularity of these cottages has risen attests to this fact. There are several reasons that go into making these cottages popular with the masses. First and foremost is the availability of such cottages at very .petitive rates. Then the change in the taste of people vis-a-vis their choice of holiday destinations also play a major part in catapulting it to the upper levels of the wish list of people. Gone are the days when people relied on hotels and rest houses to enjoy their vacation. These days, the demand is for a place which would give an interruption-free stay. Even the waiters, stewards etc. are considered to be irritants. For all such people, self catering cottages are a dream .e true. The biggest plus point of these self catering cottages is the fact that they have, apart from the above mentioned facilities, enough place for couples and families alike. People are also allowed to cook their own meals here and at any point of time. This is one great relief for people who visit these places with their kids. Self catering cottages are a favorite amongst business enterprises as well. They arrange their official get together as an exercise for building team spirit here. The setting of these cottages, they are mostly set in the countryside, play a perfect foil for such outings. These cottages are also used by entrepreneurs to send their employees to, as a way of rewarding the efforts put in by them. With the world very particular about the things that it prefers, it would not be wrong to predict that the popularity of these self catering cottages would increase immensely in times to .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: