Sealing Performance Test Of Plastic Tablet

Marketing Owing to its light weight, high strength, solid structure and excellent sealing characteristics, as well as moisture-proof and cleanliness performances, plastic bottle has found its wide applications in packing oral pills or liquid medicine. Moreover, plastic tablet bottle coincides with the special packaging requirements for medicines and can be directly filled without cleaning or drying. In order to avoid the influences of light, heat and oxidization, etc., pharmaceuticals need bottles with excellent sealing performances, so that damp or deterioration will not occur during their validity period. Thus, it has been clearly stipulated in the relevant standards for the sealing performance of plastic tablet bottles, which is a key index for manufacturers. Hereinafter, this article is to briefly introduce the sealing performance test of plastic tablet bottle with Labthink MFY-01 Leak Tester. Sealing performance is referred to the sealing reliability of plastic tablet bottle. Through sealing performance test, sealing integrity of the whole package could be guaranteed. Thus, excellent sealing performance of plastic tablet bottle is a guarantee against moisture or deterioration during validity. It has been regulated in relevant national standards as follows: take a certain amount of plastic tablet bottles, and fill each bottle with some glass balls. Then, tighten the closures of the bottles. The torque forces are listed below: Diameter of closure (mm)Torque Force (N cm) 15225978 234898118 4970147176 Then, submerge the bottle specimen into the water prefilled in the container with vacuum device, and vacuumize the test chamber to the vacuum degree of 27kPa for 2 minutes, during which no water should enter into the bottle, or no bubbles should be observed. The working principle of Labthink MFY-01 Leak Tester is as follows: submerge the specimen into water and vacuumize the test chamber to form the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the specimen. Observe leakage of the specimen and how the specimen expands and restores to its original shape after vacuum released to determine the sealing performance of it. Labthink MFY-01 is fully automatic, easy to operate and user friendly; no more manual operation is needed besides inputting pressure value and duration. The above testing method is by visual observation which provides a qualitative determination. For quantitative determination of sealing and leakage property, the seal tester with positive pressure method should be used, e.g. Labthink LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Detector. Besides the sealing performance, more indexes such as oxygen permeability and water permeability, etc. need to be tested for plastic tablet bottle to guarantee the shelf life. For more information of other related testing instruments, please visit About Labthink: Labthink, focusing on the laboratory testing instruments R&D and production and laboratory IT services, is dedicated to provide professional quality control solutions for customers in packaging, food, pharmaceutical, medical, daily chemistry, printing, adhesive, automotive, petrochemistry, bioscience, construction, new energy and other industries. Labthink is an international enterprise headquartered in Jinan, China with administrative, sales and service branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou,Brussels and etc.,covering over 40 countries and regions. Labthink, as a knowledge-based enterprise, advocates scientific research and integrates production-manufacturing with IT services. Labthink is devoted to share excellent testing technologies and advanced IT achievements with customers worldwide. Labthink instruments are now operating in more than 5000 laboratories of authoritative institutions and renowned enterprises. Labthink IT services, with the innovative mode of cloud computing online information management, actively promotes the information trends of Laboratories! Labthink, as a customer-focused enterprise, has an outstanding service system. The Labthink Global Customer Service Center provides customers with professional, prompt and sustained pre-sale, point-of-sale and after-sale services in Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic and other languages. The Labthink Global Customization Center offers customized professional solutions to meet individual customer needs. Labthink, think for you only! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: