Seafood and Sichuan fusion — Hong Kong – Sohu and Sichuan Heron oembios.bin

Seafood and Sichuan fusion — Hong Kong – Sohu and Sichuan Heron Heron Sichuan is located in the old port of Hong Kong, Heron fishing beside the continuation of the previous style seafood also added a lot of Sichuan dishes. The store with the old pattern of style, is the old city eight city house renovation, the remains of the original arcade style. Chrysanthemum fish, taste like sweet and sour fish, but the shape is unique, the grass carp plate made chrysanthemum shape. Snail meat stewed pork ribs soup, the soup is delicious. Braised Turtle in Brown Sauce, used to eat turtle soup greasy, braised into practice, but also a bright eyes! It does not change the glial spicy turtle. Garnish with spicy and delicious potatoes! Duojiaoyutou hand chops, is also a characteristic of Sichuan, pork flavor, the more love with practice. Signs of chicken potatoes and Griddle Cooked Tea Tree Mushrooms, coke flavor and turbot, salt and pepper practices for drinks eel farm clams steamed egg soup? Lobster laver cake steamed crab Fried rice noodles, the most see Xiamen seafood stall skill authentic! Consumer Tips Name: Address: Port Heron Sichuan Siming District of Xiamen City Heng Zhu Road, recommended in the original Taiwan delicacy Street exit: Braised Turtle in Brown Sauce, chrysanthemum fish, pork ribs soup stew.相关的主题文章: