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Sam Schottenfeld is a student of The University of Mississippi in Oxford where he is studying business. He participated as a scholar athlete through high school and performed exceptionally. Besides, Frisbee golf and regular golf are among his top sports preferences. For him, giving 100% to the sports like golf is really required in order to perform with excellence. He was one of the eight to make Steel Talon and elected by his peers as team captain. Also, he was in to playing football in the High School. An active sportsperson, he is also skilled in snow skier. He loves the thrilling sport of skiing and also advises his friends on mastering the skills of snow skiing for a safe experience. His achievements in sports have been praised by his peers and experts. Sam Schottenfeld is a member of KA fraternity. His father, Roy Schottenfeld is an ear, nose and throat surgeon and his mother, Laurie is a homemaker. He has a sister who graduated UGA in spring 2011. Sam Schottenfeld helps people make connections every day. He mentors to other students schooling between elementary and high schools to inspire them in life as part of the Young Life association. Also, he has participated in Habitat For Humanity as a senior in High school. Through Habitat For Humanity, he contributes his efforts in eliminating poverty housing and homelessness from the world. A born leader, Sam Schottenfeld has a firm belief in helping others and he is always there for his friends when they are in need. He is a versatile individual with great excellence in sport field as well as in classroom appreciated by everyone. He often takes time from his schedule for playing a game of golf with his friends and family as the game connects him with nature. He helps beginners by suggesting them the right playing techniques and instructs his fellow players so that they can also add to their game. He specifies that good health and physical fitness is really important on the whole for a successful performance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: