Sam Schottenfeld Gives All-round Performance In Every Field Of Interest-mia farrow

Golf Sam Schottenfeld has great sports skills and performed brilliantly well in various competitions he participated all through his schooling time at Milton HS in Milton, GA. Giving best efforts to all his field of interests made him create his identity as an all-rounder. Along with sports, Sam Schottenfeld has also created his footprints in academics and athletics. Being a self-dedicated individual, he has been a true inspiration for other students of how to achieve goals. As a sportsperson, he likes exciting games like football. Also, Frisbee golf and regular golf are included in his main sports interests. Frisbee golf is one of the classic yet popular games he likes to enjoy and he plays regular golf for enjoying time in nature with the fun of playing with his friends. A dedicated individual with inspiring personality, Sam Schottenfeld , has been appreciated for his societal contribution. As the member of KA Fraternity and a Young Life counselor, he works with middle schoolers after school and help them through studies and offers guidance through school life. He often helps the students who lack in concentration and struggle with their studies by helping them in improving their awareness and visualization skills. An outgoing student, Sam Schottenfelds has an excellent education background started from Milton HS in Milton, GA that helped him to improve intellectually and socially. He is a versatile individual with great excellence in sport field as well as in classroom. According to him, promising students should work hard to get the best out of the intellectual skills they have especially when time stresses over. Sam Schottenfeld helps people make connections every day. His father Roy Schottenfeld is an ear, nose and throat surgeon and his mother Laurie is a home maker. He has a sister Maggie who graduated UGA in spring 2011. He mentors and tutors to other students schooling between elementary and high schools as part of the Young Life association. Also, he has participated in habitat for humanity as a senior in High school. He has helped students all over in improving their scores in the classroom as well as becoming better human beings and upstanding members of the society. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: