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News-and-Society After the Diocesan bishop has listened to the Presbyterial Council and if he judges it opportune, a Pastor Council is to be established in each parish. The Pastor presides over it, and through it, the Christian faithful, along with those who share in the pastor care of the parish in virtue of their office, give their help in fostering pastoral activity. Each parish is to have a Finance Council which is regulated by universal law as well as by norms established by the Diocesan bishop. In this council, the Christian faithful, selected according to the same norms, aid the Pastor in the administration of parish goods Both of these pieces of Canon Law indicate that the people of the parish should serve alongside the pastor and other leaders to foster pastor activity and to administer the parish assets. Although the pastor or bishop presides over these councils, the members of each are to assist the pastor. The Pastoral Council helps the pastor with the duties of pastor care, which includes visiting the sick, helping the needy, and supporting the grief stricken. The Financial Council helps make decisions regarding finances and the distribution of parish goods to those families who are in need of assistance. Saint Jean Baptiste Catholic Church has both a Parish Pastoral Council and a Parish Finance Council. These councils are made of members of the church who are .mitted, along with a pastor, to help provide support, accountability and encouragement to the pastor as they fulfill their duties. If you have any questions or suggestions for the lay leadership, a parish pastor, or either of the councils, you can contact them via email, or by calling the pastor at the church office. Remember that you may contact a pastor at any time. If you are interested in being a part of some of the ministries available to Saint Saint Jean Baptiste Catholic Church parishioners, the following ministries are available. A pastor leads weekly Bible study sessions focused on the Sunday Scriptures. These hour long sessions meet in The Founders Room on Tuesday nights. The pastors message is straightforward and practical. For more intense study, you may be interested in JustFaith, a 30-week adult educational program, including reading, videos, study and reflection on Catholic Social Teaching. This program includes weekly meetings and two weekend retreats, as well as four immersion experiences with the poor. You will be joining a pastor throughout this program also. The next JustFaith program will start in August of 2011. If you want to minister to the wider .munity, you may join a pastor at the Saint Jean Baptiste .munity Center, which hosts a number of parish events, .munity programs, family celebrations, and other cultural, educational, and social activities. Saint Jean Baptiste Catholic Church also partners with the Yorkville .mon Pantry and the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, to serve the needy and the homeless. Please contact a church pastor if you would like additional information about helping or contributing to these programs About the Author: 相关的主题文章: