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.puters-and-Technology Web Automated Testing In Ruby or Watir has been reckoned as a powerful web testing tool used for writing of automated tests. Pronounced as water, it is open source as well as easy to use. The large .munity makes finding help very easy. It consists of Ruby libraries that help in automation of web browsers. The tests written in this language can be easily read as well as maintained. The flexibility as well as simplicity has resulted in its increasing popularity. Regular updates make Watir a .petent platform. In fact, no matter what your needs, it can customize accordingly. Browsers are driven by it in the same manner that users do. Links are clicked, buttons pressed and forms filled. Results are also checked, for example whether the page displays the expected text or not. Despite belonging from the Ruby library family, all apps, regardless of the developed technology are supported by it. On Windows, only Internet Explorer is supported by Watir, but Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Internet Explorer are supported by Watir-WebDriver; it also runs in headless mode. Since it is based on Ruby, it incorporates all the advantages of the language. By virtue of this liaison, databases can be connected, spreadsheets and data files read, code structured as reusable libraries and XML exported. Benefits :: Instead of some proprietary vendorscript the modern full-featured scripting language, Ruby is used which lends all its associated benefits. :: Businesses do not have to invest anything to use it since it is open source as well as free. :: The growing as well as active .munity of it provides full support to those who are new to it. :: It is not only easy to use and powerful but extremely lightweight as well. :: Multiple browsers are supported by it on various platforms. :: No matter what the platform of development, all web apps are supported by it. :: Customization can be carried on so that all needs are suited. :: Updates are carried on regularly. The excellent modern browser driver works really great with several testing frameworks like Test/Unit, Cucumber and RSpec. Test/Unit is used for unit testing; it helps in designing, evaluating as well as debugging of your code since it can be written easily. Major ruby installations are already bundled in it which makes less of a headache in case of installation. In case of Cucumber, software development teams are allowed to describe the behaviour of the software in plain text. The text which is written in domain-specific business-readable language also acts as automated tests, development-aid as well as documentation. The development tool RSpec is Behaviour driven and .bines Domain Driven design, Acceptance Test-Driven Planning and Test-Driven Development for a perfect software development approach. Installation tips :: The packaging of Watir drivers are done as gems or Ruby libraries which may be installed over internet. While installing behind authenticating proxy, HTTP_PROXY environment variable must be set first. :: For installing or updating of Ruby, the relevant package manager must be used at terminal window. :: For effective usage of Watir, there should be provision of browsing through the application HTML pages structure. For that Firebug can be used on Firefox and IE Developer Toolbar should be used on Internet Explorer. :: The latest 1.3.7 version or above of rubygems should be installed. The latest version should be installed by using the relevant package manager. :: During updating of RubyGems, some additional flags like no-rdoc and no-ri should be used. Watir has be.e a really remarkable tool of web testing. Not only is it functional but the information needed to work this is very basic. Since it is based on Ruby, those who are well versed with the language find working in it a piece of cake. Even those who are not familiar can easily do that since Ruby is a relevantly easy to learn language. Thus developers as well as testers are offered the best of both worlds when they use this tool. To get maximum benefits of testing, you may consider hiring services of a certified About the Author: 相关的主题文章: