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Summary: the common dream forward hand in hand – Sohu Xinhua news agency in Beijing in November 18, review: the common dream forward hand in hand — Peru people hot President Xi signed article Xinhua News Agency reporters the morning of the 17 day, the ancient city of Lima from slumber. Enjoying the APEC leaders meeting (APEC) week holidays primary school teacher Hoyos came to the door of the newsstand, freely open "Daily", see an article titled "circle dream with a hundred years of development cooperation Xinhua article chapter" spectrum, the signature of the author is Chinese President Xi Jinping. At the invitation of President Kuczynski of Peru, President Xi Jinping will attend the twenty-fourth informal meeting of leaders of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and pay a state visit to Peru. In this article to all the people of Peru "letters", Mr Xi kindly reviewed the course of development of relations between the two countries, in response to Peru people concerned about bilateral relations and common development of the two countries transfer the confidence of the people. "The visiting President Xi is a great event in the secret relationship, President Kuczynski took office in September this year, shortly after the Chinese as the first visit to the country, the leaders of the two countries met again in such a short period of time, explain the relationship between the two countries is really great." Hoyos in one hand and a newspaper, a hand out of the thumb to the reporter. "Last 90s, I visited Peru and left a good impression on me." Xi president to start his own experience, to express his love for Peru, which makes the Chinese Culture Association chairman Eduardo Yang Yang feel more cordial. President Xi recalled the visit to Peru left a beautiful impression, showing the friendship between the lines to Peru, read to feel very cordial." China and the United States have a long history. As early as more than 400 years ago, China and the United States on the opening of the sea route, the two peoples across the Pacific to expand friendly exchanges, forged a profound friendship. Over the past 45 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the two sides have maintained mutual respect and equality, firmly supported each other’s core interests and major concerns, and accumulated profound political trust, which laid an important foundation for the development of bilateral ties. Through the article, some people see the traditional friendship between China and the United States, but also read out the prospects for future cooperation. "In 2015, the bilateral trade volume of nearly $15 billion, Peru has become the largest investment in Latin America to attract Chinese countries, more than 170 China enterprises to invest in Peru, all kinds of investment totaled more than $14 billion of the two data — the economic problems of Peru Rosen let the experts excited Akat?. After reading the President Xi’s article, I have more confidence in the future development of bilateral relations, especially in the current challenging international background, the prospects for cooperation between the two countries more exciting". "The President Xi Spring is in the air.", in order to describe the secret of pragmatic cooperation. "Travel Club" Travel Agency Manager cintia? Delgado said that the word is accurate summary of friendly cooperation between the two countries. The current and future development trend. He believes that with the continuous strengthening of bilateral economic and trade cooperation and strengthen the development of mutual investment and tourism between the two countries will be promoted to a new level of development. "China people appreciate the Inca civilization, more and more Chinese hope)相关的主题文章: