Porsche or launch a fast charging system for 15 minutes filling 80%- Sohu qqzb.cc

Porsche launched a fast charging system or 15 minutes charge 80%- E electric car automobile Sohu Sohu [park] Porsche Mission E concept car at the 2015 Frankfurt auto show officially unveiled, the car is expected to will achieve mass production in 10 years, is expected to the maximum mileage of the car will be more than 300 miles (482 kilometers). Porsche will be equipped with a car can be charged in 15 minutes to the ultra fast charging system. This ultra fast charging system will use 800V charging voltage, just 15 minutes can be charged to the power of 80%, compared to Tesla’s charge of up to 80% minutes to shorten the time of nearly $60%. At the same time, the system will also be equipped with Audi Quattro E-tron and Volkswagen Group’s other electric vehicles. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume also said: Porsche is in contact with other global automotive manufacturers and suppliers, hoping to work with them to build a fast charging network. It’s easy for everyone to have the same needs, but it’s hard to get everyone to agree on some of the details. But we have a clear technology: through an adapter, Tesla can also charge on the charging network." Currently, Porsche is working to develop its rapid charging technology, and hopes to use its charging technology for other car manufacturers. At this point, just released EQ electric concept car at the Paris auto show CEO Mercedes Zetsche said that Mercedes group is in talks with Porsche about charging technology.相关的主题文章: