Petrochemical Oil single quarter loss of 4 billion 300 million yuan in China’s largest oil service p

Sinopec oil service single quarter loss of 4 billion 300 million yuan of the largest domestic oil service providers difficult hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client adviser national contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of sina App: financial downturn live on-line blogger to guide the oil service industry in A stock market a pair of "fellow sufferers": Sinopec oil service (600871.SH) and China (601808.SH). The two oil industry leader in the industry has now become the first three quarters of A shares of listed companies net profit loss king candidate. Sinopec oil service in just released three quarterly disclosure, the company’s first 9 months attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit loss of $8 billion 858 million, down by 330.02%. COSL and the first half of this year, its net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies have a loss of 8 billion 403 million yuan. The company also said it is still difficult to reverse the operating conditions, the first three quarters of net profit is expected to have a substantial loss. Oil service industry, winter comes, the industry’s major companies are subject to varying degrees of impact. Interface news statistics found that in the first half of this year, A shares in 9 oil service companies, net profit attributable to the loss of the 5 companies into a loss. The remaining 4 profit of enterprises, in addition to Hanson (300191.SZ), the remaining 3 companies belonging to the net profit year-on-year decline or slowdown phenomenon. In addition, as of October 27th, there are 8 oil service companies to disclose Quarterly Bulletin of three, its net profit attributable to the basic changes in the first half of the situation. Among them, the petrochemical oil service is -88.58 billion yuan net profit attributable amount temporarily in Shanghai and Shenzhen two bottom. In 2014, Sinopec oil service backdoor *ST Yihua group is a listed platform engineering and technical services sector of sinopec. The company is one of the largest integrated petroleum engineering and oilfield services provider, the business scope includes geophysics, drilling, special operations, engineering construction, the whole industry chain covering oil and gas exploration and development. However, two years after the listing, petrochemical oil service will enter a state of loss operation. Company three quarterly report shows that in the first 9 months of this year, Sinopec oil service to achieve operating income of $27 billion 782 million, while the company’s operating costs of up to $33 billion 427 million over the same period, the consolidated gross profit margin of -20.32%. It is worth mentioning that, only in the third quarter, petrochemical oil on a loss of $4 billion 349 million, a record high since its backdoor listing single quarter loss. Previously, Sinopec oil service has announced that the international crude oil prices remain low, domestic and foreign oil companies to further reduce the upstream exploration and development capital expenditures, the global oilfield services industry downturn, oil service market volume and price situation has not changed substantially, the company to further expand the loss. The company’s position pointing to the oil industry is currently facing the most difficult position, that is the end of the demand for exploration and development is declining. This mode of operation for the heavy oil petrochemical oil service, it is bound to bear the huge operating pressure. Influenced by the declining trend of international crude oil price in recent years相关的主题文章: