PC era BBS forum traffic loss serious NetEase next month will shut down the Forum w32dasm

PC era BBS forum traffic loss serious NetEase next month will shut down the forum Zhang Jingchao and another era of popular products PC will exit the stage of history. The day before, the NetEase announced that the NetEase forum will stop the service in October 19th. China business reporter had tried to contact NetEase, but did not get a response. Some analysts believe that the loss of serious BBS forum traffic, liquidity is weak, NetEase shut down the forum to help focus on the development of other media NetEase’s business. But for the BBS forum, on the one hand because the underlying technology innovation of mobile Internet tide brings the influence; on the other hand, due to not more than ten years in the media are derived on the basis of the attribute of new formats, resulting in industry wide decline. The forum of poor drainage effect on line since 1999 to date, the NetEase Performance Stability Forum in a number of BBS in strong, provided in the Baidu index data can be seen from the whole, whether NetEase forum PC or mobile terminal, in addition to announced in September 20th will be closed from 2011 to date, the search index curve without obvious fluctuation. The reporter access to third party statistical agency Alexa data discovery, access ratio, page access ratio and per page in nearly a month of web traffic statistics in three, the NetEase forum ranking were not to enter the NetEase subsidiary site before 50. In addition, mop.com, Tianya, Xicihutong PC era of outstanding BBS products, Baidu search index fell in varying degrees. On the Tianya community as an example, the survival of the PC since 2010, showing the cliff style decline, while the mobile terminal in the last year after the listing, will immediately fall into the bottom; the mop.com search index since 2011 after the decline is also very obvious, in 2013 the search index is only about 1/3 in 2011. In the media platform, the loss of traffic often means that the realization of the strength is weakened, but also face high operating expenses. Internet analyst Tang Xin believes that the forum, community products from the Internet is not yet universal time, whether it is from the spread characteristics, drainage effect, liquidity, are unable to meet the huge demand, now NetEase, business integrated management system in addition to spend less, not cost, traffic can not bring satisfactory cash flow, shutting down the NetEase forum, but the NetEase can be more energy for the other media NetEase of key business areas, can benefit from it. The continued loss of user scale for BBS decreased weakness, obvious to people outside the industry, previously, in the PC era, the most famous Xicihutong has been changed hands several times. It is reported that Xicihutong at the peak of more than 30 million registered users, in the "9· 11" time, hit a single plate of thousands of people online record, is also the first domestic launch of value-added services, BBS, was in 2000 after the acquisition of elong, Xicihutong experienced several revision, a truce in 2010 after more the frequent change of free forum to Kochi commercial progress is more and more obvious, but the opposite is the influence of the decline in 2015.相关的主题文章: